Moving With Kids Doesn’t Have To Be A Hassle

It is cumbersome to move anyway, but with small kids in the family it could become twice as hard. Kids do not understand the difficulties of packing and moving and they still need their own playtimes and indulgence in their own whims. Coupled with the other usual activities that parents often involve themselves in while moving, it could be a daunting task to move. Kids not only need to continue their outdoor playground equipment visits but they are also dependent on parents for their nutrition, wellbeing and comfort. Things can become extra hard when the little ones start to panic seeing their favorite things and toys being packed away. To deal with such times, here are some easy and useful tips for parents to keep their kids happy and moving hassle free.

Plan Early and Mindfully

Waiting until the very last day of moving to actually start moving would not be a good idea, especially if there are kids in the family. When the truck has already pulled into the driveway, there is little left to be done for you to calm your children or to stay organized. To avoid such mayhem start packing and moving room-by-room. This means that pack up the stuff of one room and deliver it to your new place. Start with family room or drawing room, then dining room, then kitchen and so on. This will not only keep things easy at this home but will also be easy for you in the next home when you won’t have to set up the whole house all at once.

Keep the Yard Sale Off Your List

Some traditions are more of a mess than a helping hand while moving. It might come across as an advantage to hold up a garage sale and clear out the unneeded stuff while also making some extra bucks, but more often than not such garage sales create more burden than lessen it. If you have a big ticket item, you should opt for using social media to sell it instead of having a huge yard sale which would be a lot of management and not so much of monetary benefit. For other smaller things it is better to donate them instead of adding more work for yourself in efforts to sell them. Some online donation channels also provide you with a receipt that you can use for your tax write offs.

Kitchen Should Go First

Kitchen items are the messiest to pack and deliver and manage. Instead of leaving this till the end day, pack up your kitchen and use disposable cutlery and crockery for the final two three days before moving. That will be huge help for you in the final days while packing and moving. Also, when you have already packed your kitchen, your cooking responsibility will reduce massively allowing you more time to do other stuff. Your kids would also be less fussy if they are not being forced to eat their complicatedly cooked vegetables and are instead being given proper nutrition with fresh fruits for example.

Keep Calm Even if You Panic

It’s perfectly normal to break down or get freaked out while moving. There is a lot of work and so much excitement and anxiety at the same time while moving. Keep your nerves in control and forgive yourself if you start crying with all the pressure. It happens and it will allow you to relax and then get back to work fresh and feeling light. Allow your kids to have their playtime in school on the preschool playground equipment and catch up with the left over work while they are enjoying their time at school