Murano Chandeliers – More Than Decoration

Upon looking at the transparent colored glass that strikes the walls of the room illuminated by Murano chandeliers, Murano wall sconces or Murano table lamps, one can get a feeling of calmness, and yet it is mixed with a flurry and raging passion.

These glass lamps made from Murano are Venetian masterpieces. With the main goal of being an item of quality, every part of the chandelier, the glass paste, the opal, the watermarks, the aventurine, and even the metal that is covered by the glass, you've got more than decoration; you have art. Murano chandeliers have the characteristic of being made with multicolored vibrant designs or flowery patterns. The colored glass and the transparent glass that drapes the chandelier have leaves and various flowers. The shape that every side of the chandelier has is graceful. Looking at this illumination, you can be transported to a fantasy world where everything seems to have a hypnotizing swirl about it.

Each of the Murano chandeliers is unique, and they are unforgivable pieces to have in your home. You can even get a glass chandelier customized to the very last detail, from the design to the materials. It is an ornate work of art that can be a witness to the memories you make and the relationships you build with your family. It may well be the crowning jewel of your generation. Just as this kind of chandelier and glass work is full of history and popularity, such are also the qualities it can bring to your home.

Master artisans and craftsmen of Muran were able to transform sand into a great expression of art. The glass is carefully and painstakingly shaped with fire. Just imagining the master craftsman at work on these kinds of things is enough to take one's breath away. With a few quick simple gestures, the glass is formed into something of grace and beauty. Murano chandeliers are made with great skill, and the person molding the form and design of the chandelier has been a student of the craft for many years. Be assured that the chandelier, the floor lamp or the wall scone that you get made from Murano is full of history, made by hands that learned the techniques and ways of making glass lamps from previous generations.

With its quality, history, art, grace, beauty, and elegance, your glass lamp is not just a decorative accessory to your home.