Muscle Milk: Muscle Milk is the Perfect Protein Powder

Muscle Milk is a protein powder designed after mother's milk. It is a nutritional supplement used by athletes and body builders. This protein powder also promotes fat burning, quicker recovery from exercise and helps grow lean muscle. It also has an amazingly good taste and is easy to blend in water or milk.

The Lean Lipids in Muscle Milk promote fat loss instead of fat storage. The medium chain triglycerides in Muscle Milk are burned for energy instead of being stored as fat. 20% of the lipids in this protein powder are medium chain triglycerides. The long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids are also not likely to be stored as fat as they have been engineered that way. Studies show that calories from engineered lipids promote leanness.

Muscle Milk also helps grow muscles faster than just whey protein or creatine. Muscle Milk was engineered to be most like mother's milk which also promotes strong muscle growth. It also has factors that produce the best levels of creatine in the body which also fuels muscles.
It is best to take Muscle Milk before and after your workouts. Before a workout provides the energy and calories needed during your intestinal workout. After the workout Muscle Milk provides nutrients to speed up muscle recovery.

Muscle Milk as you can see is vital for the serous athlete or body builder. It provides energy that promotes leanness and muscle recovery. It is available in quite a few flavors that have always been rated as the best tasting of any protein powder.