My Canon Digital Camera Says "Memory Card Error" – Help!

Many people are asking about their camera displaying them a Memory Card Error message. If you have this kind of problem, don’t worry, because this are frequently problem asked among photographers. Just remember that if this things happen, just do not format the card and do not take any more pictures on it. You should know that your photos are still intact on your memory card, therefore taking more pictures will also writes over the old ones.

So what should we do if you really need to get the pictures off even though your card is possibly corrupt? Here is the few thing to fixed the problem:

First, check your camera maker’s website and see if your recent SDHC card may not work with your older camera. Therefore you probably will need to change your memory card to standard SD cards only (usually those 2GB or less).

Second, you can formatting your card in the camera to correct the problems, but remember formatting the card in the camera will also erase all photos on the card.

Third, make sure that you didn’t accidentally place the tiny locking slide switch on the side of your SD card in the “locked” downward position. The correct “unlocked” position should be slid up toward the direction of the connectors.

There are several additional troubleshooting items to check for the problems of “memory Card locked” or “memory card error”. The important thing to remember is don’t format if you need the pictures and you should receive a message that says, “no images” or “no data” if your Canon was correctly formatted.