My Ex Says He Loves Me But Doesn’t Want To Get Back Together

He tells you he loves you, he tells you he thinks about you all the time… but for some odd reason, your ex boyfriend refuses to get back together again. Why doesn’t your ex want to commit to a new relationship with you, and what can you do to change his mind?

Well first of all, you need to take everything your ex tells you with a grain of salt. Because even though he might be painting you a very rosy picture of how he feels toward you, keep in mind that everything he says and does is designed with his goals in mind. This means that you’re hearing only what your ex boyfriend wants you to hear, and nothing extra.

Reasons Your Ex Boyfriend Won’t Take You Back

An ex who shows interest in you after the breakup isn’t ready to let go. Yes he broke up with you, but instead of walking away he’s much happier with the idea of keeping you around. This gives him a safety net – a security blanket – a totally awesome ‘plan B’ just in case he decides that breaking up wasn’t what he ultimately wanted. Telling you he loves you is his selfish way of making sure you stay put, because your ex doesn’t want you dating anyone else.

Another reason your ex won’t take you back is quite simple: you’re giving him everything he had while he dated you. You probably talk on the phone, send each other text-messages, you email and sometimes see each other… maybe you even sleep together. Imagine your ex getting all the companionship and benefits of dating you (including the sex) but without any of the burden of commitment. This is what he has when you stay friends with your ex boyfriend after breaking up, and this is what he stands to lose by dating you again.

Your ex says he loves you but won’t take you back because right now he’s enjoying things as they are. Only by taking things away and making him miss you – both mentally and physically – can you begin creating an environment in which your ex boyfriend actually wants you back. In essence, you can’t get your ex back until you’ve actually gone away, and this is the most common mistake most women make while trying to fix an unwanted breakup.

Why Your Ex Boyfriend Would Tell You He Loves You

Again, your ex will tell you he’s still in love with you to keep you around, and to keep you hanging on. But at the same time, there’s a good chance your ex boyfriend really does love you. The feelings and emotional bonds you forged while dating aren’t something that can be dissolved away overnight, and there will always be residual feelings between the two of you. On a good many levels your ex boyfriend can tell you he loves you while being entirely truthful, which is why these words can flow so easily from his lips.

Want your boyfriend back? If so, you’ll need to do something about it. Sitting back and hoping this situation will fix itself is always a bad move, and will eventually result in your ex finding someone else and losing interest in you altogether. Only by creating a void in your exes’ life – a hole in his hear where you used to be – can you actually begin making your ex boyfriend miss and want you back again. You can learn exactly which methods and techniques are best for accomplishing this, no matter what your breakup situation and even if you’ve been broken up for quite a while.