My Review of Teppanyaki Grills Includes Andrew James in the UK and the Presto Range in the USA

For some reason there has been a massive upsurge in interest in electric indoor grilling, and the Teppanyaki cooking method in particular. There could be many reasons for this. Here in the UK the weather, to be blunt, can be the deciding factor. Regardless of this, and wherever you are, climatic conditions can seriously affect our plans to have a barbecue. Indoor electric grilling, particularly with the grills that cook both sides of the food at once are great! But where is the theatre in that? You really can’t entertain your friends and family that way, but I can show you how to add theatre and excitement to indoor electric grilling.

Teppanyaki! That’s how! Electric Teppenyaki grills. If you have a flat piece of iron or steel plate, and a heat source, be it charcoal, gas or electric, your cooking will qualify as Teppenyaki style. ‘Teppan’ meaning ‘iron plate’ and ‘Yaki’ basically meaning ‘grilling’. In terms of cooking indoors for friends, using electric is very sensible. No carbon monoxide or noxious fumes and of course, electric grills are totally controllable.

There are companies that have recognised the value of combining a flat cooking surface with electric heat for indoor use – Andrew James’ Teppanyaki grills are excellent value here in the UK, but less available, as yet, in the States. However, Presto (in the US) do have a range of grills that fit the bill and allow indoor electric Teppanyaki.

The Andrew James range of Teppanyaki grills is based around three grills

  • 46cms x 24.5cms 1800 watts @ 230 volts
  • 63cms x 23cms 1800 watts @230 volts
  • 88cms x 23cms 1800 watts @ 230 volts

As you can see, they are all quite large, though they do all share the same 1800 watts of heat. This does mean that the 88cms grill will use the high power setting more than the 46cms version will. Not a problem, 1800 watts won’t break the bank! Andrew James also supplies combination grill / griddles in all sorts of guises if you are interested in these types of variations.

The Presto range in the USA is also quite interesting.The model that appeals to me in particular for Teppanyaki style entertaining in the States is the Presto 07061 22-inch (about 66CMS) Electric Griddle with Removable Handles. At 120VAC and a meaty 1500 watts of heat, you are going to have no problem in entertaining friends and family. This is Amazon’s #1 best seller in the Grills and Griddles category, and boasts more than 330 customer reviews.

We can set the scene for what may be a wet and windy day outside, but we have decided to hold an impromptu grill (of course we will call it a barbecue). There’s you and your partner, maybe a couple of kids and possibly three or four friends. You’ve done a great salad and have fresh bread and all the sauces. The centre piece is the Teppanyaki grill. It’s covered in food and looks great. You’re in for a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable time. Total – Absolute – Bliss.