My Wife Is Not Affectionate Anymore! Why a Husband Shouldn’t Settle For This

There are certain things that all men seem to complain about once the honeymoon is over. Things like they don’t get to go out as often, their weekends are spent tackling the to-do list their wife crafted or they have to spend every Sunday afternoon brunching with the in-laws. Obviously, these issues aren’t life changing but they can tend to wear a bit on a couple’s connection. Fortunately, most issues like that are easily solvable with a bit of tender cooperation and negotiation. What about when there are issues that threaten the very foundation of the marriage? One of those issues centers on affection. If a wife stops being affectionate is there anything a husband can do or is he destined to a life of physical distance and coldness from his spouse?

Actually a husband must do something as soon as possible if his wife is not affectionate anymore. Physical and emotional affection are instrumental components of a happy marriage. Without them the relationship becomes a shell of what it could be and the husband will begin to resent his wife and her need to withhold warmth from him. If you and your wife used to be the type of couple that held hands as you walked side-by-side or you stole kisses when you two were doing the dishes together, it’s understandable why you’d miss not having that now. In many respects when a wife stops being affectionate it’s a clear sign that she feels less close emotionally to her husband. Obviously ignoring something like that can only lead to many marital difficulties down the road.

There are several things that can prove very helpful if you want to reawaken your wife’s connection to you. Begin by showing her more affection. At first you may feel somewhat awkward doing this primarily because you’ll feel as though you’re pushing yourself on your spouse. Try not to view it from that place. Instead, see it as a bit of an exercise in guidance. By demonstrating extra affection to your wife, she may start to feel more valued by you and also more cherished. If a woman feels these things, any emotional barrier that she may have put up will come crashing down. By kissing her when the opportunity presents itself, rubbing her shoulders more or just reaching for her hand when you two are watching television, you’ll be showing her glimpses of what’s in your heart. Once she senses that, she’ll be more open to reciprocating those actions.

One of the measures of a strong and connected marriage is how open and honest the communication is between the partners. If you and your wife don’t put in a strong effort to discuss your marriage that can certainly contribute to her not wanting to show you the level of affection she once did. Even though you both may lead incredibly full and busy lives, you must take the time to stay connected by communicating with one another. You should take the lead on this and invite your wife out for a nice dinner at a quiet and relaxing restaurant. Use this opportunity to discuss your marriage and anything that may be plaguing either of you. By initiating this, you’ll be demonstrating to your wife how highly you value the marriage and her. It will certainly serve as a catalyst for more open dialogue between you two and it will also pave the way for the both of you to get back on the path to the rewarding closeness you’ve always wanted.