Myths Regarding Home Insulation

Home insulation is the money consuming process. Despite of the fact that home insulation is done to maintain a moderate climate within the house and reduces the electric bill, people are still hesitate to implement home insulation because of some misconceptions and myths. Home wall insulation is not needed in the moderate climatic region, but it is essential in hot and cold regions where atmospheric temperature is much below or above the body temperature. Some of the myths regarding attic insulation or home insulation are listed below:

Energy efficient equipments: people have a false belief that energy efficient equipments will restrict the loss of energy and thereby reduces the electric bill. They also believe that investing in buying such equipment is much better than investing in insulation implementation.

This is utterly a false belief, because no such equipment will reduce the energy consumption. If so, energy consumption will be reduced to the sparse level. Moreover, such equipments require more installation cost and improper installation of such equipments leads to more power consumption

The ceiling fan and The thermostat: some people had fake belief that making the fan to run even in the absence of people will automatically cool the house and turning on the thermostat will automatically heat the house. People blindly believe in it without any research and analysis

But to break this myth, there are many studies which tell that fan works on mechanical force. The energy produced by mechanical force most probably heats energy which produces heat to the atmosphere. In addition to that, another fact says that the fan has the ability to cool the skin not the room. Coming to thoughts on the thermostat, they make the furnace to heat up soon based on their adjustment but they don’t heat up the room. The furnace is designed to heat to the particular level. They don’t heat above certain limit, even if the thermostat is kept at high.

Turn off the equipments: this is the myth popular among both literate and illiterate. People believe that turning off the electric equipments when not in use will cut off the power flow which in turn reduces power consumption. People with this thought think that “keeping such easy and beneficial idea in hand, why should we go for insulation to reduce energy bills?”

The fact obtained from basic study on electronics tells that, some products consume energy even if it is switched off. There are equipments like generator, air conditioner, fridge which needs a constant power supply to get the expected result. Thus turning off doesn’t reduces electric bill.

These are some of the myths regarding the home insulation process. Energy consumption is reduced to the maximum through the insulation process, moreover the comfortable climate within the house is also possible through the insulation process.