Name Plate With M-Seal

Some time back when I had holidays from my school job, I was searching for some paintings and art stuff on Google and then I found this really beautifully made name plate. It seemed to be quite easy and so I obviously thought of starting it without giving a second though. I have some idea how they have made it.

Firstly, take a wooden board of the desired size. Mix equal portion of fevicol and Plaster of Paris and then add some water to make a paste so as to spread it over the wooden board. Take care that you do not add too much of water else it would not stay on the board and will keep flowing. Also, if it is too thick, it may be difficult to apply and have cracks in it. Now, put a thick layer of this mixture on the board and spread it all over. Now give some texture of you choice to it. You may use your fingers, spoon, scale, pen or anything for giving texture. You can make spirals, stars, circles, diamonds or anything that comes to your mind. Now allow it to dry completely for few hours or may be one full day. This is necessary because without drying you would not be able to take the further steps. Now paint the base using acrylic paint of your choice. Make it colorful as you want it to be or may be as simple as you think it should be. And now its time to decorate this coated board. Make some small flowers and leaves using m-seal and stick them on the board. You can also use some dry flowers or pot-pourri to decorate the board. Also make some small curls or stem like things and put them next to the flowers. There is no need to use fevicol to paste these m-seal made things as m-seal would stick itself when it is still wet. Make the face of Ganesha as you can see in the image and put it on top center. Leaving a space of few centimeters put two lines each of m-seal. Let to dry and once the m-seal hardens, you can then paint it.

Although in this image all the things seem to be made of m-seal but you can also try using other things like dry flowers, ready made Ganesha and whatever you feel like. Be creative and try something.

Have fun time making it.