Napoleon Fireplaces

Napoleon fireplaces are headquartered in Barrie, Ontario. The Company started out as a manufacturer of steel railroads in 1976 but converted to fireplaces around 1981. They now ship their products all over North America. They also make inserts, gas grills, stoves and accessories. Warming up to a beautiful fireplace after a cold day is a wonderful pastime. A fireplace also makes a very romantic evening on a cold winter night.

Napoleon fireplaces are one of the top names in gas fireplaces. Their lines of fireplaces come in the following styles:

  • Natural Vent
  • Direct Vent
  • Vent Free

There is also gas or electric options designed to meet your own individual needs. The Napoleon fireplace inserts are also very popular among homeowners. They are technologically advanced and feature two stage, three stage and tower burner systems. The gas fireplace inserts that require a B vent also must have a lined chimney. If it is a direct vented or a vent free unit then they do not require a chimney.

If you are thinking of investing in a wood burning Napoleon fireplace then your chimney should be lined with a stainless steel chimney liner. In most cases, a professional should carry out the installation of these fireplaces. It is extremely important that it be installed airtight so that harmful emissions do not enter your room. As far as the gas units are concerned, the gas flow is automatically shut off if the flame goes out for some reason.

Napoleon fireplaces are built with precision and care and they are designed to meet the high standards of knowledgeable demanding consumers that expect the best in alternative home heating products. Another customer favorite is the outdoor patio heater that features a stainless steel burner. This unit can be fastened to your patio or left freestanding. Another popular product is the cast iron oil stove that is good for heating a room during the colder months. These units are carbon free and are very efficient at providing heat.