Nascar Party Lights – Practical But Fun

One of the fastest growing sports today is Nascar racing. While I am a gigantic sports fan, Nascar was not something that I paid a lot of attention to in the past. However, with Danica Patrick making the move from Indy car racing to Nascar, I may just become a big Nascar fan after all. As I speak with other fans of racing, they seem to indicate that having a favorite driver is what really holds your interest in the sport, so I guess it is the same as having a favorite baseball or football team in that sense. Like some big football fans hold Super Bowl parties, Nascar fans hold race parties. Of course, these Nascar parties, like all parties, require decorations. Since lighting has become a big part of any occasion, could Nascar party lights be far behind? Of course not.

I would expect that anyone decorating for a racing party would begin much the same as a fan of any other sport. You adorn your home with memorabilia of your favorite team in addition to the normal team logo items that are available. I am also sure that you utilize some images and logos of Nascar as a whole so that your guests are not too put off if they happen not to be a fan of the same driver and race team as you.

When I thought about where to go to purchase Nascar party lights, I began with a search of the Internet and started at What I found was a couple of generic offerings of string lights that included lights depicting checkered flags and a red and white race car. These and the other string lights I found consist of a ten light set with alternating covers on a twelve foot light string. Much like your usual string Christmas lights, they are constructed like an extension cord so up to two additional sets of string lights can be added. Also available at Amazon are string lights that are white covers with a driver’s number painted in black. These seem rather bland for a sport that likes to paint its cars in all kinds of flashy colors and schemes. Besides that, they do not have the Danica Patrick model so I decided to move on.

A further search of the Internet did yield some better results as far as finding light strings with covers depicting more authentically painted cars of some favorite drivers. However, the strings are not as long but do contain the same number of lights. The cars my initial search found belonged to drivers such as Matt Kenseth, Jimmy Johnson and Carl Edwards. I am sure a more thorough search will produce results locating the cars of most of the more popular drivers. Since my search has yet to locate the Danica Patrick string lights I am looking for, I will continue to hold off on the purchase of my Nascar party lights until sometime in the future when Danica makes her way to the senior circuit and becomes more of a main stream driver than just another pretty face.