National Elevator Safety Month in USA, October 2010 – What Passengers Should Do

Riding an Elevator is almost the same as boarding an aircraft, in both cases, the passenger is helpless when a snag is developed. Airline passengers are taught on board how to take care safety related problems in flight. But, no such caution or training is provided to the Elevator Passengers during ride.

The United States Congress recently declared October 2010 as the National Elevator Safety month. The aim of this article is to promote Safety Awareness to Elevator passengers and educating the public about the proper elevator riding techniques.

Do not be afraid, the safety records of elevators throughout the world is exemplary despite transporting millions of passengers daily. It is an established fact that elevator is the safest mode of transport in the World. After all these, accidents are unavoidable and elevator passengers should know how to tackle emergency situations.

In United States alone more than 700,000 Elevators are in operation and about 100,000 new installations are added every year. In USA and Canada Elevator Safety Codes are strictly followed. Safety codes are important to Elevator Manufacturers, mechanics, technicians, Inspectors and Building owners.

The building architecture and engineering has changed a lot due to advances in technology. Now we have buildings taller, more efficient design, more resistant to natural forces and with better indoor air quality. Elevator technology has also advanced. We have faster and more safe elevators.

It is important for High Rise building Elevators to include Safety measures like Safety Brakes, Automatic Door Systems, Interlock Switches, Buffers, Alarm Systems and Fire Emergency Systems.

Latest technology has developed Multiple Elevator cars moving in a single shaft, destination based call systems, machine room less elevators, aerodynamic designs, sophisticated Braking Systems, Laser Sensors and many more.

Manufacturers are applying state of the art technology to new safety measures such as Sophisticated Braking System, Laser Sensors and Advanced Speed ​​Governors which are yet to be covered by the National Safety Codes, but this will definately make our future Elevators more safe and much more comfortable .

One example of an advanced Elevator Installation is Taipei 101, a super high skyscraper in Taiwan. Here, engineers have used a bullet-train shaped Car to reduce noise and a pressurized Cabin for passenger comfort.

Elevators must introduce recorded Voice Annunciation system to apprise the passengers about the Safety measures included in the particular Elevator and also Evacuation techniques during emergency – like major Elevator break and fire. Elevator designers and manufacturers has to adapt latest Global System for Mobile Communications to let the passengers raise alerts to the Service provider, Police etc. during emergency.

Let us hope the October Safety Month for Elevators in USA will show the whole World some new and effective Elevator Safety methods to make elevators more safe and comfortable.

This article is written by Subodh Sarkar Dated: 23rd. Sept, 2010.