Native American Art as Your Western Home Decor

Western home décor style is associated with the feel of Old West in many people’s minds. Perhaps, cowboys and saloons are the first images that pop up when western home décor is mentioned, but Native American art is a far more beautiful option to decorate your house in this particular style.

Dreamcatchers as Western Home Décor

One of the most popular Native American art items one can purchase is a dreamcatcher. Constructed in various shapes, with the middle resembling a spider web and the sides with feathers and beads, dreamcatchers are meant to catch bad dreams.

If you use a dreamcatcher as a part of your western home décor, the best place to put one is the bedroom. However, people have also been known to hang it in the middle of a front window. Dreamcatchers can be quite small, or they can be quite large, so when choosing one, be sure that you have the wall space to properly display it.

Sweet Grass Baskets as Western Home Décor

Beautiful hand woven sweet grass baskets are a significant part of Native American art; they perfectly fit into any western home décor. You can place them anywhere in your home, depending on their size.

These baskets are often placed, for example, on mantelpieces. Sweet grass baskets are becoming more and more difficult to find, as there are few who know how to make them anymore, so to own one is to truly own a special piece of Native American art.

Native American Pottery and Collector’s Plates as Western Home Décor

Perhaps the most popular form of Native American pottery is that made by the pueblo. Their pottery is colorful, and a great centerpiece for any coffee table. Collector’s plates depicting Native American warriors are also quite popular, and are often seen adorning the wall of a family room.

More Options for Western Home Décor

Native American art can provide many more options and ideas for your western home décor. If you wonder where you can find the right items to be used as your home décor, check the Internet – chances are you will find retailers in your area, or get links to a few websites that sell Native American art. The prices for Native American art vary greatly, but when it comes to authentic western home décor, they are truly valuable and beautiful examples.