Natural Astigmatism Cure – How to Cure Astigmatism Naturally

An uneven development in the cornea of the eye that results in poor eyesight is called astigmatism. In this condition, the cornea is no longer round, but becomes oval. Symptoms may be headaches, blurred vision and eye pain. The individual with astigmatism usually is treated with surgery or corrective lenses. An astigmatism cure that relies on natural remedies is much less traumatic.

Three main categories for improving vision naturally have gained significant approval. The first natural treatment is exercise. There are several exercises that can be used to improve vision and focus. Exercises such as yawning widely and rolling the eyes in a circular motion several times per day help to relax facial muscles. Change your focus from near to far rapidly and blink your eyes rapidly to reduce eyestrain.

An astigmatism cure that is based on diet is another popular remedy. Some of the foods that have been recommended include any foods that are high in antioxidants. Kale, peppers and cabbage are good examples. Berries such as acai, goji, and blueberries are also recommended. Carrots and carrot juice contain ingredients helpful to improve vision, especially when mixed with celery, cucumber, parsley and spinach.

Another type of remedy for astigmatism is herbal. These herbs can be applied to the eyes topically or as teas and other concoctions to be sipped. Two to three drops of rosewater mixed with lime juice in the eyes several times daily is one herbal example. Gentian root, pine bark extract and grape seed extract are examples of herbal remedies.

An astigmatism cure should be undertaken as early in life as possible to avoid further deterioration of eyesight. Some of the more exotic cures rely on mind body interaction that may not be realistic for young children. Changes in diet and doing the exercises can be done with help from a parent.