Natural Lighting is So Much Better Than Artificial Light

Sunlight is a free resource and is one which could be utilized more in our homes and offices. By making use of this free light, we can cut our electricity costs and reduce carbon production. In this modern age of electrical consumption, anything we can do to reduce this is worth while. Having lots of strategically placed electric lights might be aesthetically pleasing, but it will make a big difference to your electricity bill. Also, electric lighting isn’t nearly as pleasing or as pretty as sunlight.

There are so many benefits of natural light, it has been proven to reduce the occurrence of seasonal affective disorder or SAD, which can be a real problem for sufferers during winter months in Northern climes. Of course you can buy special daylight light bulbs which can relieve the problem, but it would be better to make use of natures gifts. Natural light also enhances mood, which in turn makes people happy and happy people make for a productive workforce and a healthier population. There are several documented health problems with artificial light, some of which include headaches, tired eyes and depression.

Natural light enhances your home as it makes the rooms look bigger, brighter and more airy. You can improve the flow of natural lighting into your home by use of skylights. Skylights can be fitted relatively easily and you will be able to regulate the amount of light received by using blinds, shades or curtains. The angle and size of the skylights dictate how much light you will receive. Thought must go into which rooms would benefit the most and obviously you would not want your east facing bedroom to have huge skylights as this will wake you up very early during the summer months.

However, careful placement and use of skylights that open for extra ventilation can make a bedroom feel really light and fresh. Your kitchen and bathroom can be transformed by using skylights. These rooms can become can become rejuvenated and in fact your bathroom can have an ambiance similar to that of an expensive spa by careful placement and use of skylights. Entrance halls can be made to look more welcoming and sitting rooms can look bright and elegant. Virtually every room in your home can be improved by making use of sunlight.

There are many different types of skylight and you must discuss with your contractor what would suit your needs best and what is actually possible to do. Think about what you want to achieve from your skylights and as well as enhancing the rooms which are used the most, try to lighten the darkest rooms first. Do take care when putting skylights into bedrooms, after all nobody really wants to be woken up at first light during the summer months, as this can be around 4am in the UK. By making the most of daily sunlight, your home can be transformed by careful use of skylights. Not only will you and your family benefit but your houseplants will thrive too.