Natural Skin Care – 8 Natural Ways For Healthy Skin

Taking care of your skin naturally without using any artificial chemicals is known as "Natural Skin Care". This recommends taking care of your skin only with natural ingredients not using any artificial or synthetic chemicals. By adopting good healthy habits to live your day to day life without much stress. Natural skin care is nothing but taking care of your body in general.

These natural measures are:

1. First is drinking plenty of water. Around 6-8 glasses per day is a must. This helps not only in flushing out toxins naturally but it also helps in keeping the body fit and healthy and skin glowing.

2. Another natural way is opting for general cleanliness. Bathing daily at least once, wearing clean clothes and using clean mattress and pillow all is part of cleanliness. A healthy and glowing skin also keeps away all the skin disorders.

3. The next is exercise which accelerates the blood flow helping to get rid of body toxins keeping you healthy and robust. Exercise helps in overcoming stress which is the real enemy of robust health.

4. Healthy food habits that is keeping away from oily food and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, is another way of having natural skin. Oily food causes acne and hence avoiding it is the best way. Eating healthy food containing variety of nutrients. Fresh vegetables and fruits ward off toxins from body and provide freshness.

5. A good night's sleep not only helps in maintenance of good health but beats stress too. Good night's sleep also lasts aging of skin.

6. Another way of healthy natural skin is to avoid stress. Stress is the main cause of bad health. A warm bath, hearing music and enjoying the sport you like as well as doing yoga are good stress busters and are getting popular these days.

7. Getting adequate protection from exposure to sun is another way of taking care of your skin. Using good Sunscreen lotions is also a good way of protection from harsh sun rays. You can also use a parasol or sunshade to protect you from sun rays.

8. Home made traditional natural care products are very good. These procedures are simple and also quite cheap and can be made by locally available ingredients.

Apart from this, there are many natural skin care products in the commercial market these days. These include lavender oil, aloe Vera etc., which without side effects. You can choose the one best suited to your skin type.