Natural Teeth Whitening At Home Tips

Everyone wants beautiful white teeth. Having white teeth gives you more confidence; you are more assured knowing you have a flawless smile. However, multiple trips to the dentist for whiter teeth can be quite expensive especially when the stains can come back quickly. Eating, drinking, smoking and medicine contribute to the color of our teeth. The food residue that seeps into the teeth cracks makes cleaning it out even more difficult. The whitening toothpaste will only remove the minor discolorations, not stains that have accumulated over the years.

If you decide that visiting the dentist regularly to get your teeth whitened is too expansive, or you just do not want to put all sorts of chemicals on your teeth or you just do not have the patience to sit down and paint each tooth individually, then you should try some home remedies that might just do the trick for you.

Baking soda: this option works quickly and dentists have agreed that this is safe and easy to use. All you need to do is to mix a little with toothpaste (to avoid the salty taste) and brush your teeth, or you could just put some on a damp toothbrush and Voila! White teeth! Who knew baking soda could also be a teeth whitening solution!

Hydrogen peroxide: Sounds like something you would clean the toilet with, but it can white your teeth. The results can be seen in a few weeks, but you might get faster results too. All you need to do is too gargle with it and then rinse thoroughly. Your gums will feel like it is burning for a while, but you will have whiter teeth. Just make sure that your whitening treatment is followed by gargling water and lots of it. You could use a cotton swab, but you would have to wipe your teeth front and back. Gargling sounds easier.

Wood ash: This sounds weird, but it works because the potassium hydroxide bleaches your teeth. The tiny crystals will scrape off the yellow plague on your teeth and it will give you an instant home teeth whitening system. Just remember that excessive scrubbing and usage can wear down the enamel on your teeth, so you might want to slow with the rubbing. To use, simple crush the wood ash, apply it to your toothbrush and brush! You could also mix it with toothpaste if you want.

Strawberries: not only do they make a great smoothie, they also help to provide you with a teeth whitening treatment. These berries actually contain teeth whitening agents and the seeds work well for cleaning. You could either rub the strawberry directly on your teeth or, mash it and use it like toothpaste (edible toothpaste!)

Homemade toothpaste: all you need for this it the baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, salt and some toothpaste. Mix the ingredients together and you have your own home whitening treatment.

Just remember that is natural for teeth to look a bit yellow due to the calcium that is crucial for the enamel. Excessive whitening, scrubbing, usage lemon juice, vitamin C or acid can ruin your enamel. Once the enamel is ruined, teeth will be sensitive and the damage will be irreversible. Remember to use all teeth whitening in moderation.