Natural Timber Preservation and Why it Works

Why We Know What Petri-Wood Can Do For You ?

Scientific studies conducted by Dr. Robert Adams of Baylor University in Waco, Texas support the claims as noted in his 1992 publications. In the Cedarcide Dow Corning Technology, Silanes, a derivative of Quartz, are cross linked to the Cedar Oils. They provide moisture protection to the cell walls of the wood. This technology is considered NANO and the delivery of Cedarshield's treatment solution is actually instrumental in the penetration of the hydroxyl group molecular structure where upon entry, it becomes a water scavenger, completely eliminating any free bound water in the wood. The hydrogen tail of the molecule is then collapsed and no further moisture can enter the wood's cellular structure, thus leaving the media 100% dimensionally stable. An objective which is not obtainable with the kiln dried methods of wood preservation.

The "Absence of Moisture is the Absence of Issues" relates Glassel, the World's Leading Cedar Oil scientist. Without moisture, there can be no expansion and contraction, no warping and no decay or insect attack. "The science of the invention of these products actually triggers the petrification of wood" quotes Dr. George Jenkins of the University of New Brunswick, noted Canadian wood scientist.

Texas A & M University's C. Wayne Smith, who heads up the Archaeological Preservation Research Laboratory in College Station, Texas, for the conservation of artifacts and recovered shipwrecks was asked to comment on the use of these Cedarcide and Petri-Wood preservation products in Railroad Ties, Utility Poles, Deck-Dock-Fence materials. His reply was "It is like the SILVER BULLET the timber industry has been waiting for". Scott Miller, Application engineer for the Dow Corning Corporation totally agreements with Smith.

These products and treatments are fast becoming the leader in wood preservation because, after treatments are applied, there is no further need for re-applications and the timbers treated are fully guaranteed against fungal attack, rot, decay, insect attack and even attack by beavers , for periods of up to THIRTY YEARS, depending on the treatment applied.

One application triggers the early stages of wood petrification. It also triggers the immediate exodus of both free and bound water in the fiber structure and cellular make up of wood. The wood is no longer subject to moisture, either as air borne moisture or in liquid form. Expansion and contracting of the wood ceases and total dimensional stability is obtained, eliminating warping, splitting and cupping of wood as it ages. The end result of the treatment renders the wood 100% insect, decay and water resistant, forever. Unlike Thompson Water Seal and other proprietary coatings currently being utilized worldwide and only last for short periods of time, these Cedarcide and Petri-Wood products penetrate deeper than any known alternative and what's more, they actually continue to work for extremely long periods of time without any need for re-treatments or special conditions. They are quite simply the BEST AVAILABLE on the planet.

You always had a choice in wood preservation. Now you have the BEST choice ever offered anywhere.

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