Natural Vent Wood Burning Stoves – All You Need to Know

A natural vent wood stove is the ideal equipment if you want safety, quality and a clean heating agent. Moreover, as energy bills just keep on increasing, a wood burning stove would always prove to be a good alternative to the electrical ones. These stoves also use scrap or wood that can not be used as fuel. So, you do not have to bring trees down to fuel this stove!

It can also redirect heat through the vents of the house. They use the ducts of the existing fireplace of the house to direct heat into rooms without a fireplace. An interesting feature is that it has a blower already installed in it. The stove also comes with a remote control so that you can switch the blower on or off as per your requirement. You can either choose the settings or stick to the pre-programmed mode. The temperature programmed so that whenever the temperature reaches 71degree Fahrenheit, it shuts off automatically. Moreover, the smoke is sucked out, then leaving the room odorless.

A natural wood stove is not only looks attractive but is very safe as well. A simple stove will have the following features:

o A cast iron body

o A solid steel grate

o Circulation of heats

o A fire screen as an extra safety measure

It can also be a traditional, antique or a very modern stove. You can choose the type you want based on your budget and taste. Although the antique stoves are very attractive to look at, but maintaining those might prove to be expensive.

The interesting feature is that some of these can be even used for barbequing. The tops of these stoves are designed in such a manner that they can be used to roast and cook food. However, these stoves require more care and maintenance than the normal ones.

The installation and maintenance of a simple natural vent wood stove is very easy, making it very user friendly.