Natural Way to Relieve Sinuses

Question: My l4-year-old daughter is made miserable by a constant sinus problem. Her nose is congested and runny and classmates at her boarding school tease her. Teachers are unhelpful. Could you tell us what is causing this and suggest remedies to help her? I’ve been told that she should cut out cow’s milk products, which would probably cause problems with school catering, so I would welcome your opinion.

Answer: This is a common problem and I am sorry that your daughter is suffering as a result of the condition and her classmates’ unkind remarks.

Sinuses are cave-like chambers, at the front of the skull drat open into the nasal tract. They are sited under the front part of the brain on either side of the bridge of the nose, extending above the eye socket and behind the nose, cheeks and forehead. Their primary function is to keep the nasal tract moist through their lining of mucus membrane, but this can also be the source of problem, if the mucus becomes thick and sticky. If the sinuses become inflamed, it can lead to the outlet into the nasal tract becoming blocked. The result is throbbing pain, which occurs primarily in the check and forehead areas and is worse in sunshine as warmth dilates the blood vessels. Another common symptom is sore, watery eyes, which are often sensitive to bright light.

In general, a blocked or-runny nose indicates that the sinuses are inflamed behind the cheekbones. If there is a mucus drip into the back of the throat the frontal or forehead area of the sinuses is involved. Post-nasal drip, as it’s called, often means that the sufferer involuntarily swallows the thick discharge. If this condition is chronic (long term), the constant swallowing can cause repetitive strain injury to the muscles and ligaments of the throat making them permanently sore.

Mucus discharge in the sinuses is usually caused by one of the following; a viral or bacterial infection, toxins in the body due to a poor diet, smoking and passive smoking, sniffing cocaine or snuff, and allergies. People who are constipated often have sinus problems because toxins that are not eliminated by the bowels are reabsorbed into the bloodstream and then got rid of through the sinuses. The problem of mucus is made worse by consuming foodstuff that trigger the body to produce it.

Try the following…


* Avoid mucus-inducing foods as much as possible, including cow’s milk and all products made with it, banana, ice cream, ice cubes, chillies, citrus fruits and mangoes.

* Switch to sheep’s or goat’s milk or oat, rice or almond milk. Try soya milk, but some people are allergic to that

* Eat homemade chicken broth.

* Take a calcium supplement as l4-yer-old go through an intensive period of bone growth. I recommend Coral Calcium, which contains m4gnesium_andm any other trace minerals.


* Sinus Oil: put two drops in each nostril at bedtime for one month to help drain the mucus. This blend of herbal oils forms a lining on the mucus membrane and reduces the body’s response to allergens.

* Lauq Sepistan: take a half teaspoonful twice daily after morning and evening meals for l5 days. This helps to reduce mucus discharge and relieve sinus congestion.

Breathing exercises

* Blow the nose, inhale and look up to the ceiling then exhale forcefully by sucking in the abdomen. Repeat ten l5 times. Look down to the floor and repeat.

* Alternate nostril breathing position your right thumb over your right nostril and your middle finger over your left. Close your left nostril and breathe in through your right then close your right nostril, open the left and exhale. Now breathe in thorough your left and out through your right keeping the other nostril closed as before. Repeat sequence ten times.

Nasal douche

This natural method of clearing the nasal tract sucks mucus out of the sinuses. Use a Neti pot fill with lukewarm saline water (add three quarters of a teaspoonful of salt to 250ml of water). Breathing only through the mouth (very important), tilt the head to the left and put the nozzle into the right nostril so a stream of saline water pours in. It will pass through the right nasal tract and trickle out through the left, bringing the mucus with it. Repeat with the other nostril. You will find more details and an illustration of this in my book Therapeutic Yoga co-written with Jiwan Brar.

Complementary therapy

Cranial osteopathy and acupuncture are excellent for draining sinuses. Vicky Vlacho at the IMC has very good result.