Need Help With Bed Bug Elimination? 8 Tips You Can Use Today to Eliminate Your Bed Bug Problem!

Bed Bug elimination has often been referred to in context as “Don’t let the bed bugs, bite.”

Well, for many, this statement is true and frightening.

Before going further, a description of a bed bug is needed. A bed bug that is a mature adult is about one-quarter of an inch in size. Because they are so small, they are able to hide and this they do well.

When bed bugs are small they can usually be eliminated effectively with most pest control products, but when they get bigger it is harder because they are stronger and more adaptable to their environment.

Because the bed bug is so secretive and comes out only at night, it makes the job of eliminating bed bugs harder. One way you can tell if you have bed bugs, is if there are small drops of blood on your sheets or pillow cases and small bites on your skin.

For getting rid of bed bugs it is better and possibly more effective, to have pest control experts come to your home and utilize the methods they have of getting rid of them. However, if this is not possible, then with some help, hard work and bug spray tools you can do the job yourself.

The steps to take to get beg bugs out of your house are the following:

* Since the main area where bed bugs hide out is the bed it is important to wash all sheets, blankets, pillow cases-everything on the bed-in hot sudsy water and with bleach. Then, with a vacuum, thoroughly clean your mattress. (When possible, after all bedding has been cleaned put on a clean mattress cover. This will help prevent bed bugs from returning.) Also clean thoroughly with furniture polish and clean rags, the surrounding pieces of your bed, from top to bottom.

* Also sweep, vacuum and steam clean all other furniture in your house-as much as possible– and also under and along, the edge of wall-to-wall carpeting-particularly behind beds and other furniture. Be sure to also dust in tight-fitting areas and other objects like clocks, etc. where beg bugs can also hide.

* Get rid of any and all clutter in your bedroom and in your home-anywhere the bed bugs might be hiding out. Do not allow them any place or space where they can make a home.

* Vacuum thoroughly all cracks, crevices and other areas where they are hiding. Also vacuum all rugs and floor areas and do so, on a continual basis.

Once this is done you are ready to spray and/or dust:

* A general purpose spray can be used on furniture, carpets and baseboards. This will help to eliminate some of the population of dust mites.

* Bed bug sprays. Suspend SC, a general purpose natural spray is used by many because it is water safe for fabrics and are preferred by many because of its effectiveness.

* Insecticide dust. This is put on last, after your insecticide spray has dried. Drione Dust is one of the best products you can use to eliminate bed bugs. It is recommended to use a Crusader Duster when applying this product and follow all instructions when applying.

* Once you are done, continue to keep all surface areas clean by vacuuming on a regular basis, dusting with polish and using disinfectant sprays when you have finished cleaning, to help keep things sanitized, clean and dry.

Note: When using disinfectants and dusters, be sure to follow instructions and protect your skin when applying the chemicals. And, to protect your lungs you may might to wear masks, especially when using dusters towards Bed Bug Elimination.

These tips are just the start of helping us get control of our bed bugs problem.