Need of Acclimatization For Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood Flooring is a popular floor type in the industry. The flooring industry has a lot of takers who prefer installing wooden floors for their homes and offices. The floor type is in-demand both with the residential as well as commercial sectors.

Whether one prefers to use the artificially preserved and packaged wooden material for flooring in the form of laminate flooring, engineered flooring or there is an extensive use of natural substance like bamboo, cork etc; flooring demands a lot of care. The material used for such flooring is sooner to quick damage. The beauty of hardwood flooring is determined by the quality of floor products manufacturing as well from the pre-installation care and post-installation maintenance.

Hardwood floors are made out of wood which is a living material. Here, such a floor type undergoes changes even after packaging as well as installation. Living material undergoes physical and chemical change due to phenomenon of metabolism in cells. Here, changes and damage are indicative in case of wooden flooring.

To fight this deterioration or changes in the wooden flooring, one can rely on the process of acclimatization. This process involves acclimatization of the wooden floors in accordance with the guidelines set by a particular manufacturer. In case hardwood flooring is not properly acclimatized before installed, and then there is a strong probability of flooring deterioration due to heat and humidity.

Most hardwood flooring specialists in Vancouver perform acclimatization on wooden floors to avoid any future damage or natural changes. In Vancouver, most flooring specialists stress on the use of water-based and oil-based finishing accordingly during the process of acclimatization. Oil-based finishing and water-based finishing are used for different floor types. Finishing combined with other process like underlaying is necessary to ensure quality acclimatization at pre-installation stage.