Need to Sell More Home Security Systems? Here Are Five Ways to Overcome Sales Objections

Home security is often a tough sale. It is the kind of decision that is easy for the customer to put off unless we help them make the right decision. Here are a few foundations that will help you overcome objections and get more home security sales.

Make An Order Your Goal In Every Home

Before you go into any home, make the decision that you are leaving with an order. Remind yourself that you are not there to educate, to entertain or to meet. You are there to help them make the right decision and to leave with an order. Focus on writing an order in every home and end every presentation with an order.

Use Trial Closes

Throughout your home security system presentation, be sure you are focusing on what is important to the customer. End each benefit statement with a question. For example, “Our home security system will alert our call center immediately and we will call you to make sure everything is OK within seconds. Is that the kind of protection you want for your family?” When they say “Yes”, they are tying themselves to buying. Use these trail close questions with each benefit point. Always end with a question, not a statement.

Eliminate Deal Enders

We accidentally carry things with us that will kill any chance we have of getting a sale. These items are business cards and brochures. It feels so good when we hand out a brochure and a card, but it means they don’t need to call us again. They have the information they want! Writing your price and leaving it with a card and a brochure is a license to shop and ends the sale without an order. Always have an order form out and do all your writing on it. This focuses you and the customer on the order and that’s just were you want the attention to be in home security sales.

Follow A Proven Formula

Don’t shoot from the lip when you receive a home security sales objection. There are good proven steps and formulas for overcoming objection. Learn one that you have confidence in and follow the steps. Most of us are too excited and emotional when receiving the actual objection to think clearly, so following a formula gives a big advantage. Be Prepared For Common Objections There are a few objections that we face over and over in our sales careers. Be prepared for them. We suggest that you have at least 10 come backs for each objection you receive. You accomplish this by starting a page for each objection you cannot overcome. Then, ask every salesperson you know, how they deal with that objection. Write down good ideas and then practice, drill and rehearse until you have ten that are effective. You know you are going to face objections, don’t go out without a plan and good tools for cashing them.

Give these techniques a try and you will find you are able to get more home security sales by overcoming objections when selling home security systems.