Negotiating a Contract With Your Sugar Daddy – Be Smart and Specific Up Front

Whenever you decide to enter a sugar daddy/ sugar baby relationship, it is better to negotiate all the details beforehand; so that there are not hurt feelings or misunderstandings in the long run. As a sugar baby whenever you discuss money this can be a delicate situation because you do not want to come across as a gold digger. But, there is a way to approach any topic and a true sugar daddy will understand and even respect your openness to negotiate all the details up front.

Depending on how you met your sugar daddy will depend on how easy it is to negotiate your contract. If you met him on a “sugar daddy” website, this can be the easiest way to negotiate your contract because often times the stipulations are mentioned on your profile. So if on your profile you mentioned what you expect as gifts and/or allowances then there should be no surprises when you bring it up.

With this being said, you also want to be tasteful on how you approach the topic. For those sugar babies who met your sugar daddy online, when you decide to meet him in person, first allow the date to flow naturally. If during the first date, you both feel a mutual connection you can go ahead and ask whether he read your profile and if he felt your terms were agreeable to him. From there you can begin the process of negotiation. However, nothing should come as a shock to him because if he read your profile then he should already know what you expect. Therefore, since he still contacted you, then obviously your terms are agreeable to him. It’s just a matter of confirming it verbally.

For those sugar babies who have not met your sugar daddy online, then bringing up a contract can be shaky territory. This is because your potential sugar daddy may have never been in this type of relationship before and may not understand where you are coming from. If this is the case, it is probably best to go on at least two or three dates to get him comfortable with you, before trying to negotiate a contract. Before throwing out an allowance and what you want, you may first try to explain the dynamic of the sugar daddy/ baby relationship and how you feel it is best to come up with terms for the interest of both of you, so that there is no confusion.

As in the case with the sugar daddy you meet online, if it is a sugar daddy that has been in this type of arrangement before, then once again the negotiation should not be a problem. This can be done on the first date, once you are sure you are comfortable with one another. The only difference is that you should open up the conversation by asking him what his proposed allowance is and start your negotiation from there.

Last but not least it is the unsuspecting rich man that you are trying to make into your sugar daddy that can be the most complicated. This negotiation is going to be the hardest because he does not know what you are trying to do or what to expect. With this being said you do not want to come flat out and try to negotiate a contract. Instead date him for quite a few dates. Try to feel him out to see if he would be open to this type of arrangement. This may even mean that there is no formal contract between the two of you for a while. You may still be able to receive gifts at his expense but not a set in stone allowance.