Networking Equipment – Different Types Used in Many Industries

Networking is defined as the act of linking computers in order for end users to have the chance to exchange information with each other. It is also a vital way to access a central store of information. A most common example is the Internet. It is in this regard that networking equipment existed.

Building or expanding a network is made possible by a variety of equipment for communication. From power or Ethernet switches and firewalls to digital media devices and UPS power protection, all the needs of users are addressed accordingly. All these facilities allow proper exchange of signals from one point to the other. Take a look at what some of these gadgets are proud of.


Routers are networking devices used in order to route and forward information from one destination to another. In the worldwide web for instance, the paths are powered by the use of this equipment. There are two planes in which routers operate. The first one is called the control plane where the router acquires the proper outgoing interface in order that the information will be relayed to the destination. The other is known as the forwarding plane responsible in processing and sending information from the recipient to the outbound logical interface.

Network switches

This network equipment is used to connect different segments of a network. It is often referred to as a network bridge to process and route data and operates in several OSI layers. When one switch operates in more than a single layer then it is more popularly known as a multilayer switch. For commercial purposes, network switches are built in several modular interfaces. This is in order to cope with requirements of different types of networks.

Network-attached storage

This network equipment functions after a so-called file level of computer data storage is connected to the computer network. This provides guaranteed access to data for various clients of the network. Generally, this device is multi-tasked with data storage, access to files and filing systems. It also handles management of several computer functions.


This is yet another popular type of network device. It is a blend of software and hardware designed in order to provide better services to patrons. Even one computer may serve as a server as long as it is running in a server operating system. As a hardware device, the server is tasked to run various software applications.

Each of the above-mentioned network equipment has a specific role to play in a computer network. Industries benefit with the existence of these devices. Even residences are making use of these popular gadgets.