New Engineering Materials

There have been a number of science fields which have helped us in producing new engineering  materials . Some of the fields are the nano engineering and the forensic engineering. Other important field is the failure analysis .as we know that with new inventions taking place every second facing different failures is natural. So this field of science helps in analyzing these failures and rectifying them. Hundreds and hundreds of scientists and inventors are working and experimenting continuously to make this world a better place to live.

These new inventions have gradually changed the course of living of people. Now these inventions can be seen in every field that has direct or indirect link to the humans. To consider new engineering  materials  we consider the Polymer Engineering. This field of science develops new concepts which are based on the  materials  that are polymeric in nature. These  materials  are not a result of single engineering technology but these are obtained or produced from a blend of different technologies.

To understand this blend of technologies we consider the example of fiber reinforced blends in which the preferred wetting  material  induces a synergy. It holds together the fiber reinforcement with the polymer blending. It leads to a high stiffness and rigidity which is maintained even at very high temperatures.

Getting into the depth to understand the phenomena we have to have a look at the kinetics of the system that is the wetting  material . It is important for us to understand the microstructures of this system that exists in three states and form this highly stable structure. The  material  if understood can lead us to the explanation of the phenomena and shows that how sometimes these microstructures are highly conductive in nature. Taking another example would be using the nano-fillers which are used to alter the polymer. When we increase the rigidity it is possible that we are able to obtain good compressive strengths of this  material .

Some new engineering  materials  have been introduced at the SAMPE 2000. One of the inclusions was ProTechtor.

ProTechtor – It has superb blast containment characteristics… It is obtained or produced from fibers. It has a density range which starts from 3.5 to 128. It has numerous advantages such as firm core and moreover the core can be made insulating. There are a number of other  materials  which are helping in one or the other way in standardizing the lives of people.