New Roof Styles Can Bring Higher Property Values

We have all been victim to it before: the same old, same thing. The majority of homes in America have composite asphalt shingles as their main roof material. Loved for their variety of color and ease on the wallet, these shingles have been around since most of us were born.

Just because we are used to a certain roof material and style is no good reason to stick with it forever. With so many new choices, many homeowners are surprised to learn that making changes to their roof can actually increase the value of their homes.

Leaps And Bounds

As technology advances, so do the products that are available for our homes. We now have many different materials that can be used as the façade of our home. We no longer have to choose between wood or metal siding, there is brick of all colors, stucco, cement, glass and even earthly materials such as clay.

Roof materials have also evolved over time and we now can choose from clay or slate tiles, metal panels, wood shakes and even recycled varieties of asphalt shingles. Solar panels have become more popular, allowing for many people to reap the benefits of alternative energy sources generated by their roof coverings.

Most Bang For Your Buck

When it comes to upgrading your roof style you should consider the how the new style will impact the look of your home as well as your neighborhood. Don’t choose a style that will clash with the style and color of your home. For example, if you live in a Southwestern region and are considering a metal roof, a silver metal roof may seem obtrusive to the natural, earth tones that are prominent in that region. Instead, choose a copper or gold colored metal roof. If you live in a stucco home, or one with a cement façade, a wood shake or clay tile roof may not match the overall theme of your home’s style.

Generally, you want to follow the theme of (a) the region in which you live, (b) the colors of your home and/or neighborhood homes and (c) the time period in which your home was built. Always try to pick a roof style that not only matches in color and theme, but adheres to the time period of the home as well.

  • A Victorian style home would look off putting if it had a flashy clay tile or shiny metal roof as these homes symbolize elegance and tradition. A newer styled roof material would not match the historical heritage of the home. Instead, it would be best served by a gray or charcoal colored roof made out of dark stained wood shake or slate tile.
  • To maximize the look of a Colonial style home, use a neutral (gray or tan) wood shake or matte metal roof material. The color of the roof material should be a complimentary color to that of the window shutters or columns.
  • Southwestern style homes tend to look best with earth tones such as tan, gold, copper and browns. Tiles or copper metal roof materials look best on these style homes. Solar panels are also a great option for homes in these regions as they tend to get a lot of sun the whole year.
  • Beach front or coastal community homes have cooler colors in their color schemes. A shiny aluminum or steel roof would accentuate the color scheme well in these homes. However, always check to make sure the metal is treated to prevent any rust or damage caused by the increase in moisture.
  • Traditional modern style homes, those built between 1980-2000s, have the most flexibility in roof material choices. These homes tend to have a more generic shape and color scheme, and most neighborhoods have similar or repeating pattern, homes. Since these homes tend to be similar to the neighborhood homes in style and color the only main consideration is roof color, which should be in the same color palate as the rest of the home features (i.e. shutters, trim, garage door, front door etc.).