New Year Activity

New Beginning

Any day can be a Symbolic day to start afresh. So why not the New Year when the whole collective consciousness of the Universe works for you. When most human beings think that something nice is going to happen with them, then the collective consciousness is in rising upward direction. So all one has to do is ride this.

So here are two powerful techniques for a great year around:

1. Closing the past year: Before you open to the New Year one has to close the Past. Technically speaking the past does not exist except in the mind. But as it exists in Mind it can be playing havoc because your future can be created with this Past. Generally events, which are negative, register more in human beings minds than the positive. So in the year gone by there may have been many accidents, which did not work in your favor. It could have been a loss in terms of money, time or effort, it can be relationship issues, it can be health, it can be loss of job, it can be loss in stock markets or the many many accidents that human beings have to Face. These accidents have happened and are over but you may still be carrying the memories of pain, frustration or any other feeling in your mind. When such feelings exist you are fighting with yourself, life around and the situation. You also create a tension unconsciously that you will keep attracting similar incidents in the future that actually you do not want. The truth is: Whatever your inner mind keeps thinking will happen. To ensure that your future is joyful then these memories have to be erased. Like in a black or white board, you erase what is written to write new and fresh.

This exercise is best done in the evenings or night where the energy is of "Closing". Take a notebook and review the complete year from the recent events to the past events especially those, which you have not been able to accept. It is better to take each incident separately. Keep writing your feelings of the events as it comes. So from your mind you are getting the painful memories to the book. Please be honest with yourself. Write the feelings as it comes.

Do not analyze or judge the feelings. Simply you are throwing the clutter from your mind out. As you write you may experience experience feelings of pain, grief, sadness etc. These are beautiful expressions so just allow it to flow out, do not control. Once you have written down the feelings of each incident, you will feel lightness as though you have gotten rid of a huge result or block. It is important to remember that every incident that happens in our life is "good for us". Every incident is "Whole complete and perfect". Only one has to learn what is the incident is teaching to us. So pick up the learning to go ahead in life. For eg You lost money in Business means that your awareness of Money and certain aspects of Business should increase.

Once you have written down as many accidents as possible. Take the book, remove each page and meditatively burn it. Symbolically you are getting rid of such incidents from your life forever. You are disassociating with your own past thereby creating a future that can be fresh and new. As you burn each page just think that you are
Erasing this from your mind too. After this sit in silence for a few minutes, then take a good fresh bath, and change to a new clothes.
This is like saying to god or a greater power or to your own self, Yes, Now I am now ready.

2 Opening Up to the New Year:
A) This Exercise is best done in the Mornings when the whole Energy of the Universe is opening to the new possibilities.
B) Take a fresh bath, wear new clothes and be ready within the opening up for a bright new year ahead.
C) Sit in a comfortable place that is clean and full of positive energy.
D) Light a candle symbolizing brightness and light in your life.
E) Light a good incense stick to spread the fragrance enhancing your mind.
F) You can keep a meditative music on as you do this exercise.
G) Take a small effort to create a beautiful space for doing this exercise so that you get best results all through the year.
H) Do anything like keeping gods photograph, or guru's photograph to enhance the space and your energy.
I) Be creative to create an uplifting atmosphere that is most essential.
J) Take a new pen or your lucky pen and a new notebook.
K) On the first page you can draw an "Om" or "Swastik" strong symbols, which will create auspiciousness in your life.
L) Write the date 31 of December 2011, which is the end of the coming year.
M) Then write, "Thank you Universe, or Thank you God" for all beautiful events to unfold this year. It is great to "Thank" in advance thereby reinforcing your faith.
N) Now you are going to write a letter to your dearest friend or well wisher, so write Dear________
O) The most important part of this exercise is to describe all your desires, events as though it has happened. Means you are writing this remember from 31st of December 2011. In the Present Moment you are choosing to create a whole new year.
P) Once you start writing just let go, do not think if it is possible not possible, keep looking at every aspect of life like material things, money flow, work or business, family and relationships, places you are going to visit, hobbies , New learning, new ventures, marriage, love, children, health and whatever is meaningful to you. Just allow your desires to flow from your mind to the paper. Have powerful Intentions of looking at life from a grand perspective, getting into leading a life first class. Think a little beyond and think Big. Keep on writing till your inner voice allows you to do it. You can take an hour, two hours or more. Get into the full joyfulness and positive feelings as though the events have taken place. Be relaxed and playful, like a child creating something beautiful.
Q) Let me give a small example: As of now, you do not own your car but have a desire to buy one. So when you do this exercise you
Will write, now I have this wonderful Honda car, silver in color (be specific) and I have toured so many wonderful places along with
Family and friends. Everyday I am enjoying the pleasure of going to work in my own car ……
R) Pour all your energy while writing your desires. Now you are "Opening Up" to the New Year the way you want.
S) Just keep this diary or notebook and watch through out the year whatever you wrote will happen in an amazingly perfect manner.

Whenever this happens just have gratitude and register that you created this event in your mind first and then it happened in reality.

Wishing a year full of joy, bliss, profits and a wonderful Money Flow for you and your family.