NHS Cystitis – Why Doctors Fail to Offer a Drug-Free Remedy

If you’re searching for “NHS cystitis” it’s likely you are following conventional wisdom that suggests our doctors always hold the best solution for all medical problems.

As a sufferer of bladder infections (cystitis) for several years, I would like to briefly share my experiences and detail how I discovered a completely harmless natural remedy for cystitis that the NHS will inevitably fail to inform you about.

NHS Cystitis Advice Is Biased Towards Antibiotics

As a student with a heavy workload and a hectic social life that included a new boyfriend, I initially had little idea that cystitis was about to play an important but unwelcome part in my life.

When it attacked the first time I naturally contacted my doctor (as you are doing) looking for an instant cure.

My doctor soon identified bacterial cystitis and immediately prescribed a course of antibiotics. As I found out later, this is standard medical practice all over the world for bladder infections. I also discovered that antibiotics are not always the best solution for bacterial cystitis.

Cystitis Symptoms and NHS Cystitis Advice

The NHS advises that Cystitis (which simply means inflammation of the bladder) is caused by bacteria from outside the body finding its way into the urinary tract and causing swelling and often acute pain.

The main symptoms of cystitis include a burning sensation when passing water, needing to pee very frequently, pain from the bladder and generally feeling unwell. Quite often, you go urgently to pee only to find you have little or no liquid to pass.

If left untreated, these infections can worsen and you may experience passing blood and a more severe pain as the infection spreads to the kidneys.

NHS cystitis advice is to immediately visit your doctor.

Why Antibiotics May Not Be Your Best Solution

Your NHS doctor will usually give you a three-day course of antibiotics. In some cases the bacteria in your bladder may be resistant to the antibiotics prescribed, and a longer-term course of a more powerful antibiotic might be administered.

As a purely personal view — based on my discovery of an effective, completely natural cystitis treatment — I suggest that antibiotics are the medical equivalent of smashing a nut with a sledge-hammer.

As both your body and the underlying bacteria can easily become resistant to antibiotics, maybe it is wiser to save these heavy-weight ‘systemic’ drugs for the possibility you might need them later in a potentially more life-threatening situation.

That’s just my opinion, but I think it is a valid one.

How I Learned to Stop Relying on Antibiotics

As I became a frequent sufferer of cystitis I was receiving regular prescriptions of antibiotics. I started to believe this was unhealthy and that there must be a better way to deal with these infections.

I spent some time scouring the Internet and tried some natural remedies that were recommended, such as barley water and cranberry juice.

Far from improving the situation I found that this seemed to increase the pain. It is my opinion that these ‘cures’ owe more to myths and folklore than any solid truth. The acid in these drinks can actually encourage the bacteria rather than discourage them.

It was around this time that I discovered Waterfall D Mannose manufactured by Sweet Cures of York.

Why It’s Possible to Say “No Thanks” to Antibiotics

Not only is Waterfall D Mannose a strange name, it is also an odd product. It is manufactured entirely from parts of a specific type of tree.

However, the customer feedback on the Sweet Cures website was so enthusiastic in relation to people’s experiences in halting their persistent cystitis, I decided to give this strange alternative treatment a try.

To cut a long story short, Waterfall D Mannose has consistently given me reliable results. Within a matter of a few hours of taking the recommended dose, I have consistently noticed a marked improvement in my cystitis symptoms. By the next day, things are back to normal.

Waterfall D Mannose Versus Antibiotics

I believe that most of the NHS cystitis advice is professional, sound and reasonable. The antibiotics routinely administered to cystitis patients are clearly effective is stopping cystitis in the first instance.

However, Waterfall D Mannose is equally effective in stopping cystitis in my experience and in my opinion it works faster.

This is largely a matter of choice. If your main aim is to avoid taking unnecessary amounts of drugs that may weaken your body’s natural defences, then Waterfall D Mannose is an effective and reliable drug-free alternative to standard NHS cystitis advice.