Night Owl Optics

Are you are planning on going out to do some night fishing, boating or just to do some nature watching? Or do you have a job that involves night time surveillance, search and rescue work or managing a large piece of property? If you said yes to any one of these questions then looking into something like night owl optics would be a move in the right direction. The reason is that they can greatly improve your vision at night time. As the name suggests, it is an instrument that can give you the ability to see when darkness falls, just like and owl.

Night owl optics are sophisticated instruments which are known as optic-electronic devices that help viewing in night time by magnifying light. They are different from telescopes and binoculars in that they do not magnify objects situated at a distance. There are several different varieties of nigh owl optics. they are, scopes, goggles, rifle scopes and other types of night vision accessories. The monocular type of scope is the basic night owl optic. There will be different types of lenses available to increase the power of the scope. This will obviously improve the observation range of the scope.

Another useful feature of such optics is that you can get camera adapters to attach on to cameras and get night vision photos and videos. Night owl binoculars are the easiest ones to use which is why it is recommended for first time users. If you are buying one for the first time and only intend to use it for recreational purposes then a simple product will be enough. When using night owl optics the user should be careful not to use them where there is a lot of bright lights and they definitely should not be used in daytime, as it can damage your eyes. These optics also have something called phosphor screens in them which will last anywhere from 1500 to 2500 hours. So if you are guying used ones, then check and see how much time is left in them. Without it, the optic will not work.

The prices of night owl optics like any other high tech device will vary greatly from model to model. One of the cheap models would be the Noneexgen-W monocular which costs around 230 dollars. This one will have a field view of 70′ at a distance of 200′ with infrared field of illumination. A typical example of a more expensive night owl optic would be the EliteNGNM4X Monocular. This one is priced around 400 dollars and has generation 1 technology and 500X ambient light amplification and powerful infrared illumination.