Night Vision Watches – Why Most Night Vision Watches Don’t Work

Night vision wrist watches are ones that light up in the night. They allow you to see the watch face…and therefore tell the time in low light and dark conditions. Basically the watch face “lights up” in dark conditions.

Because of that, they’re desired by police, military, and law enforcement agencies as well as outdoor adventurists.

The problem is that up to 95% of them don’t function very well. That’s because most of them use luminous phosphorescent and similar materials.

These materials will illuminate for a few hours but after that require a light source to “recharge” the illumination. Good luck with that when you’re in the dark!

Also, some of these watches require you to inconveniently “push in a button” to make the watch dials light up. That can be very annoying in low light, dark and emergency conditions.

There is good news though. There are watches out there that offer true night vision. They don’t fade after a few hours…there are no buttons to push, and they can illuminate for thousands of hours

Look for these qualities in a night vision watch:

o H3 Tritium – is it an H3 tritium watch? The good night vision ones are. They capture a substance called tritium and encapsulate it in air tight borosilicate glass vials. A safe and microscopic amount of this substance activates in low light conditions;

o Glow All Night Long – good tritium time pieces will glow all night long without any need for an external light source to “recharge” themselves. In fact, some will glow for up to 25 years even if never exposed to light;

o Phosphorescent Paint – phosphorescent materials should be painted on the hands of the watch as well. That will help enhance visibility. A combination of tritium and phosphorescence illuminates the best. Be sure your night vision watch has both features, though…phosphorescence alone is not enough; and

o Glow Up To 100 Times Brighter – Watches using the H3 tritium technology glow up to 100 times more brightly than ordinary luminescent watches. Just check to make sure that tritium is used on the hour markers, hour hands and minute hands of the watch.

A night vision watch with the above features will provide you with many years of enjoyable night vision illumination.

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