Nike Dual-Sided Yoga Mat Review

If there’s one brand people associate with sports it has got to be Nike. They make pretty much everything related, and most are pretty good. Take their running line-up for example; the lunar series receives worldwide praise for their design and comfort. Not to mention the clothing range going from high to high, the 2011 collection being especially impressive. When a company with such a track record comes out with a yoga mat, one has to wonder: how good is it? Time to find out.



Whatever happens this product is special by DNA. The dual sided mat does exactly what you’d expect it to do, offering two sides. Each side contains a different texture, which theoretically makes a difference depending on the sports you practise. However in real life I found no major reasons to prefer one side to the other, so I will make no future mention of this in the remainder of this review.

The Nike dual sided yoga mat is definitely a skull turner, partly thanks to its incredible slim design of just 3mm thick. What also helps is the texture on both sides, what Nike claims will help improve the grip – a claim I full heartedly believe. The mat also comes with a handy strap construction for easy transportation.

The dimensions are 66″ long and 24″ wide. I found this to be exactly the right size for me, and I’m pretty tall being close to 6 ft 1. Odds are this mat will be the perfect fit.

Overall the design is pretty satisfying. The little Nike logo in the corner will satisfy brand watchers, while the textures give it a distinct look. Although its radical design will definitely find some opposing winds.


In use

The Nike dual sided yoga mat promises ultimate grip and practicality, two claims I found to be true in use. This mat definitely offers the grip when you need it. Down dogs, hovers, push-ups and triangle poses are all easy to pull off, something not all mats can claim. The practicality is also a given thanks to the strings that come with it. Yoga instructors will find this mat a practical companion wherever they go.

Good points aside, the product definitely has a fair share of issues. One morning I had built up a hefty sweat and the mat failed to absorb it, creating a sudden halt to the grip. It’s also very thin and sometimes hurts my knees in curtain positions, a big problem for a product that claims to be a yoga mat. Finally, after a month of use, the dual sided yoga mat is already showing early signs of wear and tear. The glue between the two sides is letting go around the edges, potentially fatal.



Nike has delivered a product that can best be described as a mixed bag of pleasure and pure disgust. The yoga mat is definitely good-looking, practical and has the perfect dimensions. 3 points most mats already fall short of. Then there’s the flipside; a product that offers almost no cushioning and already shows wear after a few weeks of use. Ultimately the lack of comfort and durability makes this a dodgy purchase for yogis, what a shame.