NLP "Control Room Of Your Mind" Tool – A Critical Success Factor For Business and Relationships

Your mind has a control room. Your mission today is to learn how to operate the controls. Learning this process now will give you the critical element you need to drive your business into fast forward mode. Of course you can apply the exercise to other areas of your life as well.

Please note, this is best experienced with an actual certified NLP practitioner but you can learn it here to use for yourself and practice it when you don’t have access to a practitioner, much like you can learn self- hypnosis.

“The Control Room of your Mind”, an NLP technique I will teach you here, is an exercise which will:

  • Give you the confidence to do what you need to reach the next level in your business-building efforts.
  • This process will help you access the control room of your mind.
  • It will help you get to a higher level of consciousness where you can…
  • Resolve your “programmed responses” (AKA problems).
  • You can then redirect and re-program these old responses to fashion new ones which work better for your current life situations.

Wait, before we go there, here’s a very brief definition of NLP for those who are new to this branch of Neuroscience: NLP is about changing our limiting beliefs.

  • Neuro: Is about the neurons, which are the tools the brain uses to communicate
  • Linguistic: Has to do with the language we use, the words we say to ourselves and others
  • Programming: Is about configuring or setting up the way something works

For over 30 years, the field of NLP has developed many methods for freeing up and optimizing our beliefs to allow us to create new choices and possibilities. This particular process will also give you an increased awareness of your personal power. It can also enhance your creativity and disperse energy blockages. I used it recently to get “unstuck” from a nasty little procrastination habit I had. The result? You are reading about it right here; I finally started my online business after years of only talking about it!

Learning how to master your own thoughts and responses is a critical success factor in this increasingly competitive and complex world. Whether you are a high-powered executive or a practitioner in a small private practice – the more confidence you have in taking each new step, mastering each new business skill, sales or marketing technique – the more your business, clients and customers benefit!

When you think of this Control Room of Your Mind, this higher level can be seen as a computer. Your old, problematic responses to problems have been your DEFAULT mode. This mode has been set to respond the same way over and over, using only the limited resources you had in the past when you encountered and re-encountered similar problems. In order to bring about new and more efficient, workable responses, you have to give your mind new and clearer instructions. This is similar to a PROGRAM UPDATE to use computer language.

So, find yourself a comfy chair or sofa, turn on your favorite relaxing music, preferably with headsets so you do not have any distractions, and take this journey into the Control Room of Your Mind… (if you have a partner, friend, or family member who can read the script below, it will be much easier; otherwise you will need to read it to yourself and focus your attention on reading it while experiencing the words you’re reading-this is not the recommended method of experiencing the exercise. I offer the script here as I want you to have this basic information to begin practicing so you can make practical business applications.

So, now, just allow yourself to think of an area of your business or practice in which you would like to experience some positive changes…..

“Imagine you have in front of you 10 steps leading UP to the Control Room of your mind. Very soon you will be moving into that very higher self level of consciousness, into the Control Room for your central nervous system and all the communications for your mind and body.

This system is the control center and directs all the functions – from your simple communication such as feelings and desires – to your complex processes of Internal Healing, body functions, behaviors and information processing.

The Mind/Body is a hologram which the central nervous system operates through the hypothalamus. This area of your brain acts as the computer operations and communications center for keeping current conditions stable. It also redirects and reprograms for newer, more healthy, workable changes.

Up until now your mind has done the best it could each step along your life’s path, and has adapted to challenging experiences, in the best way that it knew how given the resources it had available at the time. And once the responses are set, it starts acting like a computer program from that moment on until these previous responses are reprogrammed.

Now is the time for you to become a more active participant and to redirect the programmed responses for a more favorable response with each step up….now you are moving to a higher level of your own consciousness and to the Control Room of Your Mind.

So, counting up…1…moving up to 2…a higher level of consciousness and choice with each step…3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10.

The doorway in front of you is the CONTROL ROOM. As you step forward, the door slides open quickly and easily and you are now in the CONTROL ROOM OF YOUR MIND.

Notice all the panels of lights-lights of different colors and different brightnesses. There are descriptive labels on each panel and each string of lights has a lever or control knob connected to it, connected to each part of the body and mind.

Let your attention move to that panel of lights which is connected to your most important business or life need right now…

Walk over to that panel and notice the response dial and the brightness or dimness of the energy and communications going to that area. That is the DEFAULT response that has been left in place. You now have the ability to change that. Using the control knob or lever, set the dial and the circuit brightness to the level that is most suitable for you now.

You don’t even have to know how to do this yourself, because your unconscious mind already knows how. As you change the dial setting, the communications for that change is already speeding to that area of need and the changes you’ve made are happening.

There is a large 3-D Holographic Screen in the middle of the room. Notice as you use the control knob how the control circuits to every area change color or intensity as you change the settings. It is good, isn’t it, to be more in control of your own needs!

Is it all right with the unconscious to now continue these changes and to carry out these new responses? If not, what do you need to allow the changes to take place? Take a moment to ask the different parts of your control room what needs to happen to improve the situation, or what belief needs to change to a more current and workable belief to make this desired change.

If yes, it is alright to make the changes, Very Good!

Is there any other are area that needs your attention and where you need a positive change? If yes, go to the Control Knob and repeat, noticing the color changes, the intensity changes as you change the settings. You can continue repeating these control knob settings changes to the other areas that need your attention.

Now, in a moment it will be time to return to a normal waking consciousness as the unconscious mind continues the process of change in all the important areas associated with your desires here.

Now moving back through the doorway as it closes securely behind you, and you return to normal waking consciousness.

10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1…Awakened and refreshed, Stretch! See yourself now in the future participating in your business tasks and overcoming whatever obstacle(s) you had before you entered the Control Room of Your Mind today. You can be confident that the changes you made will serve you well, and remind yourself to always go back to make adjustments whenever you wish. “

Disclaimer: Please Note-

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