No Regrets: Secura Turbo Oven Stands Out Over Other Infrared Ovens!

It seems that turbo cooking is supercharged to change the year among modern tabletop infrared ovens. Anyway, has anyone wondered about turbo ovens? Wikepedia defines turbo cooking as a hybrid way of quickly preparing food that may taste better than simply warming something in a microwave. Sounds like a supercharged turbo-engine driven cars. That means, turbo ovens have been designed to cook in no time at speed faster than conventional ovens.

By about earlier of last year, a new breed of infrared oven came out of TV commercials promising a new leap in turbo cooking technology. It was called as the: Secura Digital Halogen Infrared Turbo Convection Countertop Oven.

For us to know, the Secura turbo oven is no different at all with other time-tested new generation countertop ovens. It also basically employs the same infrared heating technology that makes cooking faster as well as convection fan technology that makes cooking as even as possible. As with other infrared ovens, it doesn’t only cook your food faster but also greatly saves electricity. The Secura Oven can broil, roast, bake, grill, barbecue, fry, steam!

Then why choose Secura Turbo Oven?

To cut this chase, what makes the Secura Turbo Oven, a good and probably a better choice is because of the following:

Double Safety Power Switch

While being innovative and sturdy, accidents can happen anytime anywhere. The double safety power switch is another leap in oven innovations with deep sense of security in mind. No wonder, it’s called as Secura- getting more secured infrared oven.

Elegant and innovative design

Hinges could have been discovered long time ago, yet the hinged cover (arm) of Secura Turbo oven is something worth to thank of. The advantage of this is that, it gives you a leverage when opening such hot piece of device!

The Secura oven also features a detachable cord which seemed to be lacking with other brands. This simply makes the Secura halogen oven easy to keep and carry around.

Non-toxic and non- radioactive self-cleaning with French ARCOPAL tempered glasshousing

I wondered before if the heat generated by infrared is not strong enough to somehow cause some molecular disruption in the materials composing the oven making it hazardous in the long run. Yet, the Secura Turbo oven is built securely being break-resistant ensuring to withstand extreme temperature shock.

This is a plus for this review from a satisfied certified Secura oven user…

“But with the similar price, I got an extender ring, and 2 standard racks with my Secura Oven. Nuwave and flavorwave, they don’t offer the extender ring for free, (extender ring’s value is about $30)”… by: M’NAS

CONVINCING!…That’s It!… Double Safety, Elegant and Innovative, Power-Saving, Non-Toxic Non-Radioactive…& MORE!

Other Useful Information:

Shipping Weight: 23 lbs Rating: 1350W Standard Accessories: *Extender ring kit *Elevator wire rack *Low rack *Tongs *Lead holder *User manual *Recipe book

So that’s it, I hope this review has been helpful indeed.