No Uneven Surfaces With a Ladder Leveler

In the midst of home repairs, chore maintenance, or simple indoor jobs, a ladder is the one thing that can make all the difference. Since various ladders are already out in the market, choosing the right one can save both time and energy that can instead be allotted to the work itself. One type of ladder that is convenient in use and storage is the multi-position ladder with a leveler.

A multi-position ladder:

• Can configure itself into several ladders (A-frame ladder, extension ladder, staircase type ladder, and a 90 degree ladder) that may be used in different situations.

• Generally, ladders being heavy, large, and bulky are not only difficult to store, but is also inconvenient in use. Multi-position ladders are not only portable but easy to store as well.

• Offers more stability making it able to withstand uneven grounds.

Along with the multi-position ladder, comes a type of accessory that can further enhance its stability when being used – the ladder leveler:

• Also considered as an easy-to-use leveling system

• Can be operated using just the foot, allowing the hands to hold and position the ladder, and of course, do more work.

• Ladder levelers usually come with a leg width of 2″ or more, with longer bolts and extra spacers which allows mounting it to the ladder easily without having to remove the original feet.

A ladder leveler is a simple addition placed on the legs of the multi-position ladder, allowing for the extension of the leg when used on uneven terrain and surfaces. Prior to the invention of the levelers, propping ladders on uneven surfaces used to be cumbersome and unsafe. Workers had no choice but to use methods that were difficult and cost-ineffective.

Choosing the right ladder leveler can be tricky stuff. Several tips may include:

• Choosing a leveler with a patented positive locking system and one that can provide superior ladder stability especially on uneven surfaces

• Choosing a leveler with a stainless steel locking system can prevent it from easy rusting, adding to a longer shelf life for this ladder accessory

• Upon purchase, setting up of said accessory must be made easy, as to have minimal ladder manipulations.

Manipulating the ladder feet may be a hassle to amateur owners that convenience should be a first in deciding which leveler is suitable to use. A new line of ladder levelers now come with the strong, sturdy, and rock-solid connector brackets that mount securely to the left and right ladder legs or levelers with locks that firmly snap & lock into a base unit on either side of the ladder that needs leveling. With these unique designs; attaching, removing, or switching levelers can be quick and easy to learn.

With a variety of ladder accessories out in the market, choices as to what to use should always be carefully addressed. Multi-position ladders offer enough convenience as to its functionality and safety. The ladder leveler, on the other hand, further enhances the multi-position ladder’s use, adding style and convenience that makes this duo the perfect choice for anyone looking for a no other way but up.