Nolan Helmet Review – A Rider's Perspective

Although there are many different types of Nolan helmet, the company is best known for its flip-up line. The N102 helmet is the premium flip-up Nolan helmet. This helmet has some solid features, but it is not without its flaws. Read on to learn about the helmets strengths and weaknesses.

The first thing you'll notice about this Nolan motorcycle helmet is how comfortable it is. Surprisingly, the feel of this helmet rivals that of any top of the line Arai or Shoei helmet.

Another standout feature of the Nolan helmet is the latching mechanism. In place of the standard D-ring latch system, is Nolan's unique "Microlock Retention System". With this feature, you need only adjust the straps once then use the easy buckle to secure the helmet and you're good to go. Some may not like this system, but I think it works well.

What you might not like about this helmet is the weight. As far as motorcycle helmets go, its a little bit on the heavy side. Compared to other flip-up helmets, though, this Nolan helmet is not that much different. With the added weight, flip-up helmets are better suited to riding in the upright position (cruiser, touring, etc.).

The Nolan helmet is priced moderately. Usually the find can You a good Ask Question online , so you do not have to spend your time searching thru stores.

Another drawback of the Nolan helmet is the noise level. In some situations, the helmet can be a bit noisy. It's not the noisiest helmet I've tested, but it's not the quietest either.

If you're in the market for a flip-up, you owe it to yourself to consider a Nolan motorcycle helmet. They are moderately priced and offer many of the features found on higher priced competing models. The overall quality is really quite good. Throw in the proprietary "Microlock Retention System" and superior comfort, and you've got a very attractive helmet. If you can find a good price on a Nolan helmet online, all the better. These helmets often go on sale. If you find a good sale price, jump on it before it's gone. Happy shopping and ride safe!