Nordictrack ACT Elliptical – Why Is This Trainer So Popular?

Thinking about the Nordictrack ACT Elliptical trainer?

This popular center-drive crosstrainer has been around for several years now – a testament to it’s popularity as Nordictrack often discontinues models after one or two years if they’re not selling well.

Why is it so popular? Here are 3 main benefits the ACT crosstrainer gives you that other models don’t:

#1 It’s More Comfortable

The pedals on this trainer are placed closer together. This is mainly because the flywheels are on the side instead of in the front or the back of the pedals.

Because the pedals can be placed closer together, it gives a more natural feel to the elliptical running motion. You also don’t get as much strain on your hips – a difference you’ll really feel if you tend to workout for longer periods of time.

#2 Possibility for Faster Weight Loss

With the ACT elliptical, you tend to stand more upright on the pedals and lean less on the handrails (as you often do with cheaper elliptical trainers).

Less leaning on the handrails then forces your body to take more of its weight – and you burn more calories.

And more calories burned equal faster weight loss.

#3 iFit Adds Entertainment

iFit is a fantastic technology that Nordictrack puts on some of their new crosstrainers – including the ACT elliptical.

iFit basically connects you machine to the Internet using the wireless in your home. From there you can do all sorts of fun things to make your workouts more enjoyable.

For example, you can download new workouts from celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels, where she coaches you through your workout (using the built-in console speakers).

You can also track your workout statistics online – and set new goals. This is a great way to constantly push yourself to higher levels (and again lose weight even faster!)

Another thing you can do with iFit is run different famous world trails. You can even use Googlemaps to plot out new courses to run (for example, if you want to run in your old neighbourhood!)

So iFit gives you a lot of interesting things to do that turn a boring, bland workout into a fun, enjoyable, goal-reaching experience.

Different Models:

There are currently 3 different models of the Nordictrack ACT elliptical – the original ACT (under $1000) and the higher end ACT 7 and ACT 10 models.

The ACT 7 and ACT 10 step it up and come with built-in web browsers to make your workouts even more productive.

So that gives you an overview of what makes the Nordictrack ACT elliptical so popular.

One last benefit? These center drive ellipticals take up about half the space (length-wise) as a standard elliptical. So they’re great for smaller homes or apartment workout areas.

Regardless of which elliptical you choose, make sure to take your time, do your research and find a trainer that can really get you excited about working out!