Nordictrack Elliptical Audiostrider 1490 Review

The Nordictrack elliptical Audiostrider 1490 is a popular rear-drive crosstrainer that also folds up to save space.

The 1490 is actually an upgrade to the popular Audiostrider 990 trainer which has been around for several years and received several “Best Buy” awards.

The 1490 adds a few more premium features like a full color, touch-screen web browser, a free wireless heart rate monitor and controls on the moving arm bars.

Nordictrack recently changed the name on the 1490 trainer to the “Nordictrack Spacesaver SE9i”. So it can get a little confusing when you try to find the 1490 crosstrainer but can’t find it. Just know that this machine is now going under a different name – the SE9i.

Here’s an overview of the main benefits of the 1490 Audiostrider:

#1 Full-Color Web Browser

The Touch-Screen 7 inch web browser is built right into the console and uses the wireless in your home to go online.

You can read your emails, surf the net or watch YouTube videos while you workout – which can make your workouts a lot more enjoyable (and last longer!).

#2 Incline/Resistance Controls on the Armbars

You can change the incline or the resistance from the console – and from the moving arm bars.

The advantage to this is that you don’t have to reach up to the console if you don’t want to break your stride.

#3 Folds Up To Save Space

It’s hard to find a folding elliptical these days that isn’t cheaply made or wobbly when you use it. But the Nordictrack 1490 is heavier than most crosstrainers and built to be more stable than cheaper folding models.

It comes with a 325 lb user weight capacity and a heavy 18 pound flywheel which helps to add stability to your workouts.

#4 Super-Easy Assembly

One thing people hate about ellipticals is spending hours putting them together, looking for missing parts and trying to screw things in places that don’t fit.

You don’t have that with the 1490. The 2014 model comes almost completely assembled in box and is ready to go in about 3 simple steps.

#5 iFit LIVE

iFit LIVE works with the web browser to take you online. From there you can track your workouts over time, set new goals and even download new workouts to your crosstrainer from celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels.

You can also map out new trails to run all over the world using iFit and watch landmarks pass you by in the console screen.

So those are some of the main benefits of the Nordictrack 1490 Audiostrider. Are there any drawbacks? Well, you should be aware that while this trainer comes with incline – it doesn’t give you the range of incline you sometimes get with other trainers.

Also, be aware that in order to try iFit LIVE, you do need an online subscription which is about $99) a year. Still, you don’t need iFit to use this trainer – it will work fine without it.

So those are some things you should know about the Audiostrider 1490 elliptical. If you’re looking for a folding elliptical that feels more stable than other folding units – and one that will keep you entertained – it’s a great option to consider!