Not The Salt Of The Earth

When It Rains, It Pours …. Chemicals

Major companies dry salt in massive kilns where temperatures approach 1200 degrees F. This alters the chemical structure of salt as sodium chloride is lost into the air and transformed into a gas. Salt IS sodium chloride! All that is left is sodium hydroxide: a known irritant.

When table salt is refined, 82 out of the 84 mineral elements are extracted. Why, if these elements are so good for you, do the salt refineries do this? Normally, only 7% of the refined salt ends up on your table. The majority of the salt has great commercial value and is sold for industrial use.

Since the high heat has removed all of salt's essential minerals, let's see what man adds before he sells it to you:

Potassium Iodide – to avoid iodine deficiency

Glucose – a type of sugar to stabilize the iodine

Magnesium Carbonate – an anti caking element

Aluminum Silicate – to keep the salt porous and powdery …. note the word 'aluminum' and remember its association with Alzheimer's Disease as aluminum is highly toxic to our nervous system and is not meant to be in our bodies.

A Science Test Even A Child Can Do

Want to know what is happening in your body to the chemical slurry that major manufacturers call salt?

Try this simple and quick test: Take a glass that you can see through and add a large spoon of your 'manufactured' salt. Add water, stir and let sit on the countertop overnight.

Next morning, what do you see? See the 'salt' at the bottom of the glass? That is the nutrition-less and chemical laden mixture that you spent money on at the grocery store. If it can collect in the bottom of a glass of water, where is it collecting in your body? If it is not dissolving in the glass, it's not dissolving in your body.

Note: REAL salt dissolves.

Pass The Salt … The REAL Salt!

Before you only think of salt as being 'bad' and being responsible for high blood pressure, take a look at it's benefits:

Real salt, as strange as it may seem, is essential for the regulation of blood pressure

Real salt plays a crucial role in stabilizing irregular heartbeat

Real salt helps extract acidity and toxins from the cells in our bodies: especially our brain cells

Real salt can dissolve calcium deposits which create health issues in our bodies

Real salt controls the volume of water in our bodies, regulating the delicate balance between body fluids and cells, while maintaining electrolyte balance as well

Real salt is a strong antihistamine helping to prevent muscle cramping and can help clear congestion in the sinuses

Real salt is essential in balancing sugar levels in the blood

Real salt is a natural hypnotic and helps to regulate sleep

Real Salt Is Unrefined

What is real salt?

Sea salt that is dried on the shore and put into bottles and jars with minimal handling

Salt mined from the earth and put into bottles and jars with minimal handling

Salt that has not been heated, treated and does not have added chemicals

The properties of mined salt and sea salt are: 84 different mineral elements. These same minerals are found in our body. Remember the refined salt at the beginning of this article? 82 of the 84 minerals were removed.

Loss of these minerals creates a dietary deficiency, which can lead to serious disorders of the nervous system, brain damage, muscle damage or other serious illnesses. The minerals in real salt can help prevent cancer, exhaustion, memory loss, rapid aging, obesity, water retention, ulcers, poor teeth and bones, decreased sex drive, and other serious conditions.

Now do you still want to eat the 'refined' chemicals that they call table salt

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