Not Your Mom's School Assembly!

A school assembly is a gathering usually held in a school gym or auditorium for a number of reasons, and for many parents who grew up in the 1960s, brings back memories of boring lectures by principles, teachers and school board members reciting rules, regulations and issues that had the kids growing cross-eyed.

Today, a school assembly is an event. These days, a school assembly is more often than not a venue for some excitement at school, whether at the Elementary, Junior High or High School level. Today, students are gathered in gyms and auditoriums and outside campus areas across the United States to witness events that are geared to educate and entertain at the same time.

When was the last time you went to an assembly that displayed a combination of exciting feats of daring while mixing in safety do's and don'ts during an extreme BMX stunt show? How about one in which students were asked to participate in a test of their knowledge about home safety or drug awareness? During the last decade or so, the traditional school assembly has been given a drastic face-lift, and is nothing like the assemblies your parents suffered through. Today, a school assembly is almost always an event that promises something new, fresh, exciting and fun, no matter what the theme.

Whether the school assembly is bringing in police officers to talk about drugs or a group of extreme BMX stunt riders talking about bicycle safety or buffed out body builders talking about bullying, such gatherings have provided students with unforgettable events and lessons that will never be forgotten.

Planning a school assembly and then finding the right professionals to perform and announce at them can make all the difference between changing attitudes or being forgotten in the blink of an eye. Careful planning should go into any school assembly, and event leaders and planners should always be aware to take into consideration age groups and current interests. To make the biggest impact on any student body audience, today's school assembly professionals know how to wow the audience.

Informational, exciting and educationally based school assemblies are the way to go when it comes time to get any message out to kids of all ages, and have it remembered!