Novelty Number Plates – Display

Collectors and others who purchase novelty number plates usually have some kind of system for display. However, when one does not usually collect and receives a novelty license plate as a gift, look for advice on how and where to display them. Most novelty license plates have four elongated holes in them for attaching them to almost any surface with either screws or bolts.

Some public bars and restaurants have made interesting displays of novelty license plates, especially as a feature wall behind the bar. It seems that owners of some of these establishments do not entirely trust their patrons. In the US, novelty license plates are often displayed in a license plate frame, and attached with bullet head bolts, whereas in Australia, they are usually attached to a surface without any frame. The frames used most commonly in the US are silver, black or gold, but there may also be other colors.

In private homes there seems to be many different ways used – no way is really better than any other, as they usually suit the owner. The novelty license plates can be framed in either a standard frame or in some cases people use either clear or tinted number plate protectors to display the plates, particularly when they are mounted in places other than indoors. Some people simply hang the plates from a series of hooks on a veranda, and they blow about in the breeze. Other license plate displays indoors have a narrow shelf and the plates simply sit on them – they are not actually fastened.

It is becoming more common that people purchase "Design Your Own License Plates" with their own design and use them as signs. Some ideas that have been used include "PUMPROOM", "TOILET", "MUMS ROOM", "POOLROOM", "OUTHOUSE", or any word that makes sense. These are usually screwed onto the door or onto the space above the door. The word is only limited by the imagination and copyright laws.

Some have glued the plates to flat surfaces using products like "Liquid Nails" and other similar products, but it will be difficult to remove the novelty license plate without damage should that need to occur later.

Acquiring a memory license plate is reliably easy and so is the displaying – it is not rocket science, generally bolt with a frame, or screw into a flat solid surface where it can be approved.

Good lighting is recommended in the place where the display is located.

Novelty number plates are made from steel and the paint-work is usually designed to survive outdoors for at least five years – so give them a go anywhere!