Number Plates for Bentleys

As a rule, most of the valuable and prestigious number plates seen on the road today will appear on expensive and prestigious cars. This is true of most Bentley and Rolls Royce cars. Most of the exclusive Bentley type registrations are in fact on Bentley cars rather than on cars who are owned by Mr Bentley, and as such, can be quite expensive.

Over the last few years, with the introduction of the Bentley Continental GT, more car registration numbers for Bentleys than any other prestigious car maker have been sold.This is quite an incredible fact when you consider that these cars cost, on average, five times as much as your average car. Interestingly, Rolls Royce owners are less likely to buy private number plates, which is unusual, although again some of the most valuable plates do in fact appear on Rolls Royce cars.

When you see a Bentley motor car, as a rule most of them will have cherished number plates. Cherished number plates for Bentleys are popular because provided that a Bentley is looked after, it should last a lifetime. So a private registration is a great way to disguise a 4 or 5 year old Bentley so that it looks like a new model. In fact over 70% of all Bentley cars ever built are still on the road. This is because the attention to detail is so intense. It takes 150 hours to hand-build a Continental GT and even longer for a 4 door Bentley Arnarge. So its easy to see why people buy number plates for these cars.

There are a few quite specific number plates for Bentleys recently advertised for sale. They are BEN 71Y and BE11 TLY. Both these plates look like the word Bentley and would look fantastic on the back of a “GT” or a “Flying Spur” model. Another great registration number is ARN 46E which would suit a Bentley Arnarge model. The only drawback with these plates are the prices and age restrictions, as they are not dateless, or cherished, as they are sometimes referred to. This means t hat they cannot be used on vehicles older than the plate depicts. So no good for the vintage models.

The registration number 1 WO is probably one of the most famous Personalised Number Plates. It is used on all the promotional advertising for the car maker and is used in memory of Mr W.O.Bentley, the founder and creator of the luxury car brand, however it is not known whether the plate is really owned by the car maker or just used with the permission of the real owner.