Nursery Wallpaper – Eco-Friendly – Why Not Go Green?

For the majority of us humans, the most wonderful exciting time of our lives is when we are expecting or bringing home that new bundle of joy. We want to make everything perfect and that definitely should include the baby's nursery. Since the walls are the foundation of the room why not create the perfect eco-friendly nursery by starting with the walls first.

Wallpaper has made a big comeback for wall decor. With its patterns and textures it gives you a vibrant feel rather then just color on the wall. Green wall coverings are better for your baby's health than conventional materials that are widely used. The inks used in eco-friendly production are usually water based containing no heavy metals. Let's face it, who wants their new baby surrounded by nasty chemicals? Inhalation of even the slightest amount of chemicals can make your baby restless and unhappy. A build up of pollutants can interfere with a normal baby's breathing and can exacerbate respiratory function.

Most eco-friendly wallpapers are made from natural renewable sources such as; bamboo, rice papers, flax, cork, arrowroot and recycled paper. There are grass cloths made from honeysuckle vines and there is an organic line made from green tea, coffee and mug root.

You should not stop with the earth friendly wallpaper. You should also use homemade wallpaper paste. It uses only a few ingredients that most of us have on hand all the time. You can find the recipe online and it's easy, inexpensive and best of all healthy for all to breathe.

We are becoming more and more an eco-friendly environment. Because of this trend companies are listening. The green movement is anything but neutral and nursery wall decor is no exception. You can even acquire the wallpaper pattern you choose for the crib bedding and wall art to complete the eco-conscious motif.

Green wallpaper comes in many attractive themes, colors and patterns. You should try to pick a pattern that is stimulating with a soothing theme. For the best scenario you should try to strike a balance between the two. You want to entrance the child, but also make them feel comforted. Vibrant light primary colors with simple shapes like circles, triangles and rectangles will help stimulate your child's imagination. This will give a boost to their development. The sooner the baby feels at home in the room the easier it is for everyone involved in the baby's care. The main care taker must also appreciate the room. Remember if you are happy and relaxed, the same should go for the baby.

You might also want to add wallpaper borders around the doors and windows. Choose a border design or color that matches the wallpaper. When applied correctly these adds flair and enhances the room. It gives the room an additional dimension.

When choosing a theme, try to explore themes that will grow with your child. After having two of my own, I can tell you truthfully that they grow faster then you think. They become small individuals with their own tastes and attitudes. Make this room one that the child can enjoy for years and everyone will win.

The eco-friendly papers that I have come in contact with or purchased are easily maintained and perfect for a child's room. They can be wiped clean with a damp sponge or removed easily with no fuss or bother. Depending on which paper you choose, there is sure to be a good selection that will appeal to everyone's budget.

The most important aspect is to plan everything in advance before making your first purchase. This will ensure that your vision comes to reality. Decide on your colors, then theme and you will be on your way to creating a masterpiece.

I wish to congratulate you for doing right by the environment and especially for that special bundle of joy.