Nurses Clogs Made of Rubber – Comfort the Whole Shift Long

A nurse's job is a difficult one, anyone who has ever been a nurse or been a hospital patient knows that. Nursing requires a certain temperament; a gentle balance of patience and kindness with the ability to handle life and death on a daily basis.

Another aspect of nursing involves being on their feet for many hours a day. Nurses jobs do not involve a lot of sitting down and require that often for the bulk of their shift they stand or walk. This makes the shoes nurses wear very important.

There have been many designs for nursing shoes, but none quite as unique as nurses clogs made by Crocs footwear. Crocs make a clog-like shoe from a gummy, rubber material whose comfort and versatility has been touted by nurses everywhere.

The US Ergonomics Council and the American Podiatric Medical Association have both certified Crocs brand shoes. This is not necessarily why you see so many nurses wearing them though. According to Crocs Vice President Lyndon Hanson III, "these shoes were specifically designed to eliminate plantar pain and achy feet."

The inner support that Crocs uses on its nurseries clogs make them perfect for long hours of standing. They also help people with injured feet, bunions and diabetes. Crocs heel cups and massaging heel nubs combined with their arch support make them ideal for people with foot problems.

The Crocs nurses clogs are especially light and are very roomy in the toe area which makes it easier for anyone with bone deformities like bunions and hammer toe. Crocs has also recently created a line of clogs designated as Rx shoes with the names; Croc Relief, Croc Cloud and Croc Silver Cloud. These clogs take comfort to a higher level with an antibacterial lining that will prevent fungal and bacterial infections.

Crocs come in a variety of styles and colors enough to compliment most all the hospital scrubs currently available. And for those nurses that like to show their wild side a bit more, there are Crocs for that too.

For a job as important as being a nurse, the shoe they choose is more than just a fashion statement. Crocs provide a basic necessity to their nursing customers, comfort under some of the most extreme conditions, physically and emotionally.

If having comfortable, relaxed feet helps with even one patient you have to deal with, is not it worth finding out more about nurses clogs made by Crocs? If you can end your nursing shift with no leg pain, no back pain and no arch pain, then Crocs footwear is definitely worth a closer look.