Nutrients That Matter To Your Joints

The human body is composed of more than two hundred fully and partly movable joints. Joints usually exist where bones connect and they are the sole means that allow your body to move efficiently and safely. Imagine if you can not pivot the bones found in your neck; if you need to look back, you will have to turn your whole body. It is going to be a waste of both time and energy!

The joints in your body come in all shapes and sizes. Even the degrees of their movement are varying too. For example, the joints on your neck can smoothly pivot to allow you to twist and turn your head; the joints on your hands function like a series of hinges to allow you to hold and grasp at things; and the joints on your arms and shoulders can do a 360-degree turn that allow you to flex and stretch your arms and shoulders in any way you want.

But alas! Your joints are not indestructible. In fact, they can be prone to injuries more than the other parts of your body. And because of their key functions, having problems with your joints can slowly and surely confine you in a difficult way of life. When you feel that something goes wrong in your joints you have to check with your doctor immediately to make sure that the problem does not become complicated.

An important aspect in taking good care of your joints is to eat the right stuff. Foods that are rich in calcium and phosphorus should be on top of your list. Always remember to supplement your diet with Vitamins A, D and K to increase the strength of your connecting bones. And also make sure that your joints are well-lubricated by taking in the good oils and some fats.

If you have arthritis and gout problems in your joints, you should try to increase the alkaline levels in your body. In this regard, you can observe an Alkaline Diet for several days. Alkaline-rich foods can neutralize the acidity in your body which causes the pain in arthritis and gout attacks. Carrots, broccoli and radish are some of the vegetables rich in alkaline. Meanwhile, avoid alcohol, beef, processed foods and other stuff that can acidify your system.

If you are a woman who is worried about osteoporosis, you should think of taking extra amounts of Vitamin K. Although this vitamin is more famous when it comes to blood clotting, studies have shown that an increased level of this nutrient is responsible for higher mineral density in joints and bones of women. This vitamin is an essential ingredient in the formation of proteins needed by bone structures.

Apart from Vitamin K, you also have to make sure that you have more than enough chondroitin and glucosamine in your system. These substances can be made inside your body if you love green vegetables, plus foods rich in calcium and nutrients that are important for strengthening and building bone structures. But even so, you need supplements that contain these substances to help your body in repairing unhealthy bones and in the formation of ligaments and tendons.

Now that you have realized how important your joints are, you should never take them for granted anymore. Your diet and overall nutrition must be designed to strengthen your joints. Doing so will not only prevent joint and bone diseases, you will also have a greater chance at preventing injuries like broken joints or bones.

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