Oak Laminate Floor

Oak laminate floor is very easy to install, extremely durable, and far more affordable than just about any wood flooring. As homeowners look for alternatives to the more fragile, expensive, and hard to install hardwood, oak laminated floors are becoming extremely popular. Not only do you gain the beauty of the authentic wood floor, but you save money, especially if you choose to install it yourself, something that’s barely an option for hard wood floors for most people.

Everyone loves the rich colors that an oak floor provides, which makes oak laminated floors a truly awesome choice. These durable floors will add a sophisticated, dramatic, and classy look to your home, creating a warmth that welcomes everyone that comes through the front door. The cheaper, easier to install oak laminate comes in many natural colors, including honey shades and some that are nearly cherry colored.

Some of the better known oak laminate floor brands are Quick Step and Westhollow. These two companies are very reputable, offering a wide selection of oak laminate in their collections, but there are also many, many more brands out there for you to investigate. You should browse through each of their selections before choosing the laminated floor that is right for you. Below, though, is some information to get you started on your search for the perfect laminate floor.

Quick Step is a fairly new player in the laminate floor field, but they’ve recently become a popular provider of oak laminate floor. This is primarily due to their ease of installation, but their affordability and style are not lacking in the least. Natural Oak would be one of their most stunning selections. In contrast, the Dark Oak option is just as gorgeous, providing a much deeper color. Though these floors can be used anywhere in your home, if not everywhere, some of their offerings even have beveled edges which are a great way to add a decorative touch to entry ways and living areas.

Westhollow Flooring also offers some truly beautiful oak laminated floor options with their Heritage Collection. Cathedral French Oak, a laminate of medium tone, works great in entry ways, staircases, dining rooms, or even living rooms. In the same family of is Barn Milled Oak, another great oak laminate floor. The cost between the two is very similar, but the color is drastically different, giving just one of the many examples of just how variable oak laminate can be.