Objects That Are Blessed, Objects That Are Cursed – Do You Own Things That Are Harming You?

Has life been more difficult since you brought back that painting from the garage sale? Is your family bickering more since you inherited your aunt’s silverware? Are you having problems sleeping since placing that antique dresser in your bedroom? Is it harder to concentrate at your desk since bringing that souvenir from the Far East to your office? If you find yourself having unexplained moodiness, depression, inability to concentrate, anger or are having unusual thoughts come into your head that are not your own, you may own something that is triggering it.

Can objects really influence how a person feels or acts? Yes, it happens dozens of times a day in your life now – and discernment is needed to differentiate between an outside influence on an object, and what is simply your own emotion about it. What does this mean? It means we need to be careful about what we imply to an object, and what is actually emanating out from it by itself. For example, when you open a photo album and see a picture of your previous husband, you may feel betrayal or loss. That’s your own feelings and memories stimulated by the trigger of looking at the photo – there is nothing actually coming from the picture trying to influence you to think that way. However, you are now adding your own energy and emotion to the photo for future times that it is seen again. What?! Yes, without even knowing it we influence objects around us every day, with positive or negative overlays.

There are two different kinds of influences on objects – energy dustings and persuaded influences. Energy dustings are on everything, and we contribute to them every moment of our lives. We can choose to make these participations joyful, happy and peaceful, thus raising the light and love we feel in our surroundings. This is truly the meaning of making a house a home, and our neighborhood a beloved home town. Or, we can carry a storm cloud over our head and dust everything around us with that. Remember these dustings not only affect places, but people and animals too. Have you ever walked into a room where an argument has just occurred? The tension in the air may feel so thick you could cut it with a knife; you may also get a headache, or feel anxious. How strong a person may feel these dustings depends on their own sensitivities. Some people may have to stop and really focus to decipher what they are feeling, while others and small children are naturally built for receiving input, whether it feels good or bad.

Especially with our children it is beneficial to make sure their surroundings are as peaceful as possible. For example, it will definitely make a difference to mood and personality if your baby is trying to sleep in a previously-owned crib used by a child who was constantly screaming because of health problems or feeling the marital problems of his parents. Whenever possible, for yourself and your children, know the history behind an object before you bring it home. And remember that bringing items into your house in its natural state from the environment carries the energy dusting of the One who created it, which will always be wonderful. This means decorating your home with pinecones, natural plants, interesting stones or driftwood, using creek water over a rock fountain, playing recorded nature sounds from birds – all these created and unadulterated items are Divinely made and will greatly raise the positive energy in a room. Be imaginative and invent a few things of your own – perhaps under your desk place a tray of sea sand for your toes to dig in while you work, or use shells as soap dishes.

The history and energy dusting behind an item may also be wonderful – and that is an object to appreciate, enjoy and pass along. Perhaps it is a piece of grandmother’s jewelry that was a beloved token of appreciation given at her 70th birthday party, which made her smile with pride and happiness each time she put it on. Or a hand-carved game board that has seen excitement and family interaction for 40 years. Not all old things are bad, and not all new things are good. What? Can a person actually buy a new thing that carries problems? Yes, both old and new objects can have influences willfully attached to them.

A persuaded influence is placed on an object on purpose, by someone for a specific intention and outcome. It is not an energy dusting that occurs just because it is in proximity, it is much different. When an object is utilized as a trigger, it can be for good or for bad. For example, in the scriptures we see blessed objects that God allowed to be used for touchstones for healing and exorcisms. “God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them.” (Acts 19:11,12) These objects received a blessing because the person who carried them was blessed, and the anointing carried through to objects to help people through the persuaded influence of God himself.

Today there are many things that carry God’s blessing with a permanent anointing on them, no matter when they brought into existence, even when they are made with imperfections through the simple hands of humankind. Some of these are crosses and crucifixes, and renderings of the Holy words. Other objects may carry a blessing on them because a person of faith asks God to place one there, through answered prayer. Also, a person may be blessed, such as when they choose to step up for priestly ordination, which carries a God-anointing that allows blessings to be done for more specific outcomes, such as creating anointing oil, Holy water, blessed wine and communion. There are many positive things any of us can do, because as children of God, we all have different gifts, and with each of those gifts come additional blessings, such as healing or the gift of miracles. But a hands-on ordination is a timeless gift of special blessing that God allows for both men and women, and he blesses the office not the imperfections of the one carrying it out. On our part, it shows our heart’s motivation to step forward in the work and expand. On God’s part it gives us a different arrangement with him and the Holy Angels. Basically when we receive this blessing we acquire more Angelic heavy-hitters to help us, and our ability to hear and be heard increases. This is necessary for most deliverances, all exorcisms, most hauntings, and many specific blessings such as land and air blessings and making sacred ground. Also, many times a person may have more darkness against them than they are aware of, or their faith is not strong enough on their own; and they need an ordained person to help to break generational bondage, curses, hexes, spells, incantations, negative prayers or evil intent sent against them.

Now, knowing this, realize that some people spend a lot of time and energy dedicating objects not for blessings, but for the opposite of that. In some cases, these people have sought out dark forces, and attach themselves to unHoly Angels through demonic rites and rituals. More have dedicated themselves and selected objects through customs and traditions where they unknowingly apply for connection to these fallen Angels, and for generation after generation the negative cycle may continue to influence a family, a company, a village or even an entire region. Beyond the local area, a person anywhere around the world may be manipulated since the Internet allows us to purchase anything from anywhere and bring it straight into our homes. These objects may be large, beautiful and expensive so that a person may be more inclined to keep them and take too lightly problems associated with them. Or they may be small and easy to carry and even considered a keepsake or “good luck” charm, or a common souvenir of the area. They may be family heirlooms passed from generation to generation, especially prized in places of poverty. Individual craftsmen or family companies may have performed an opening ceremony or offered a dedication upon every item created through them, and whether knowingly or unknowingly did it in such a way to offer the unHoly Angels free reign and connection over thousands of objects. Although it only takes once for an object to be cursed or willfully dedicated for the use of the unHoly Angels, the manipulation, heartache, illness and destruction from these unHoly objects can continue on for centuries, with future owners not knowing any prior history of the item at all, and meanwhile suffering from the effects.

It is not just third world countries or certain cultures that seek to benefit themselves by negatively influencing the products they make. Some objects are willfully manipulated by people in companies who are more interested in the bottom line than anything else. And while some do seek out unHoly ways to influence their product line, most are negative energy dustings designed to make an unhealthy or unnecessary product desirable to buy, and then to break shortly after purchase or the warranty has expired so that another item must be bought to replace it. While not as detrimental as persuaded influence, these energy dustings lower the happiness in a home and can cost thousands of dollars in replacement and repair bills.

If energy dustings happen from the strong emotions that people feel, how many things in our home have a dusting? Simply everything. If you are eating carrots, how many hands has that gone through? Let’s say the people in control of the carrot company have good motives, choose to grow organically, and try to have a good relationship with all its employees. But what about the receptionist who just lost her father, or the worker in the field who is suicidal, or the truck driver who is exhausted and angry, or the grocer who is frustrated, or the hundreds of people that pass though the vegetable aisle? All these are adding their dusting to the carrots that you are going to eat and feed to your family. Think of it this way – let’s say the carrot on its own like a glass of clear water, with nothing added to it, neither sweet nor sour. Because of the original beneficial desires of the company, sweetness is added to the water, a full three tablespoons of sugar is stirred in. But because of several negative emotions along the way, several drops of vinegar have also been added, and now what is served at your table is not as healthy or tasty as what it could be. And if the vinegar content is high enough, it could even make your body and spirit ill. We started our example with a good company, but many do not add any “sugar” at all. But our original company could have done better too – a priest could have been asked to come out and do a land blessing over the company and the fields. This would promote positive energy dustings and ask for God’s guidance and blessing on the produce, which in effect adds a perfect amount of sweetness to the water, and more importantly dissipates and nullifies any interference of vinegar added along the way.

And this is the key to removing any negative energy dusting to anything we own – blessing it. What happens when you enter a totally dark room and strike a match? Although the darkness is in volume thousands of times greater than the light, the darkness cannot put out the candle. And the more light we add, the more shadows flee from the light, because light and dark cannot be in the same place at the same time. All of us are sparks off the Divine flame – anyone can pray for a blessing, and choose to be a candle in the dark place. And the more we have chosen love over fear in our own lives and invited God in to illuminate our way, the brighter our faith and prayers are – and we become much more than a candle, but a brilliant chandelier reflecting light into every nook and crevice until darkness cannot survive anywhere.

Prayer changes things. When we pray a blessing over our food and water, it changes its qualities and any negative energy dusting on it disappears. Prayer is a gift that God gives to persuade a positive and Divine influence, and our energy expands beyond anything we could do on our own. In this way, our brilliant chandelier now reflects the rays of the magnificent sun. Ask a blessing over your medications, over any objects that you purchase or are given, over your car, over your animals, over people, over places and things you pass by – be a mobile instrument of transformation, a walking instrument of prayer. Funny thing about giving love, you receive it back even more so – including feeling more peace, contentment, confidence and joy!

How does a person ask for a blessing? Although there are specific prayers available for many things, most of the time those are only needed by priests when the deeper work is called for. What is in your heart? This is what God desires to hear; words that come from your soul, in your empathy, from your compassion, in your longing for things to be good, for light to expand, for love to win the war. And because of your free will desire to interact with God for the transformation to take place, you become an instrument in his hand for change. Even many negative persuaded influences (curses) can be broken this way by an un-ordained person of faith. If the prayer is done with respect for Jesus, no matter what religion you are your prayer has much more authority and power open to it.

At times it may be difficult to discern between a generational bondage passed down through family lines and effects from items that are owned which are cursed. Generational bondage is a problem that comes down through family lines and can be of any nature, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It is often attributed to genetics or family history, and is an attachment on the family members themselves and not what they own. This can start by a distant family member dabbling or involved in the black arts, or a curse placed upon them by someone who was. It can be recognized by a repetition of different things, for example; generation after generation of failed business ventures, or every man in the family having a stroke before turning 50, or mental depression passed from grandmother to mother to daughter. Although a person can say the specific prayer for breaking generational bondage for themselves, most of the time a priest is needed. There are also beautiful and powerful prayers called The Divine Decrees which are perfect words to help all of us align with Angelic guidance and protection, and are given to us just for this time of world shift. Many of these are specific for different blessings, and powerful transformations have been documented from reading them.

If the prayers have been said and instead of a cleansing the word comes back that it is best to destroy the object in question, or a feeling of uncleanness or confusion still permeates the item, then total destruction of the object must occur. Remember that the unHoly Angels are smart and can choose to lie dormant with an object for a long time, or turn off and on the problems emanating from it. It cannot be simply given away or thrown away. If it is of metal or other difficult to destroy material, it still has to be made unusable by anyone. If it is of wood or other malleable material, cut it up or burn it in a safe place. Then, no matter what it is, bury it in the ground. If you have access to Holy water, or can get it from a church, making the sign of the cross upon the ground after burial is a good idea. Blessed salt can be used for the same thing. Do not allow yourself to be doubtful, fearful or to put off destruction of the object after the item is recognized for what it is, for some are even used as objects for portals, and your troubles may multiply since the unHoly Angels now know they have been exposed and have limited time to cause harm. Sometimes odd things happen when destroying such an object, because the demons do not want to have their object harmed, and will try to cause fearful sounds or sights around the person who is destroying the object. If you do not feel you have strong enough faith to do what is required, giving the item to a priest or a person of great faith is the better choice. God simply wants to bless you, and have your family and surroundings a place of peace. He gifts people with different abilities to help him help one another, so do not feel that giving the object to another to destroy it is overall weakness – it is strength on your part to recognize it and to put into motion the end of it.

Today we live at a time of complete accessibility to items from all over the world. All of these objects are dusted by the high energy emotions of people they come into contact with. Some are contaminated by willful dedication to negative influences, and become items that wreck havoc to the lives and well being of their owners. Prayer cleanses and transforms most of these items into Godly touchstones of health, light and love. Discernment is needed to differentiate between an outside influence on an object, and what is simply a person’s own emotion about it. Discernment is also needed to identify and destroy objects that cannot be cleansed. A priest may be called upon for specific blessings that are required in some situations, while at other times a person of faith may be able to do many blessings themselves. We can choose to bless people, places and things through prayerful affection, and not pass on objects of affliction. All of us are in control of how our surroundings influence us and our family, and there are positive things we can do every day to make our house a blessed home of peace, joy and love.