Odds Of Scoring A Hole In One

A hole in one is a very rare kind of achievement in golf terms, which professional golfers wish for. It is the most difficult and rare achievement when the golfer holes the ball from the teeing ground in one single stroke. It is considered a once in a lifetime achievement by many people and does have its credentials.

Golfers consider a hole in one to be the ultimate trial of their skills and techniques. It is one of the historic moments when a golfer strikes the hole in one and actually has its origin in the phrase “reaching the hole in one shot.” Hitting the hole in one shot is often the test of their professional life; which, if passed, makes them the happiest of all to celebrate a victory. Many professional golfers are extremely close to their target but miss by just a few centimeters.

The odds of striking a hole in one vary depending on a lot of sources and numbers used for calculating the odds. Generally, people have no idea of the true number of aces made every year. Numerous sport organizations do track every significant ace that?s made, but not each and every ace is reported making them very difficult to track. A lot of ambiguity appears when aces are counted.

Many reputed magazines and golf digests have made their own surveys and pegged the odds at 1 in 3756 for a professional golfer and 1 in 12,750 for an amateur. These assumptions and calculations differ from magazine to magazine, and it’s very difficult to arrive at a common figure. Some golf clubs have pegged the odds as 1 in 33,000, while other newspaper columns have put the odds as 1 in 45,000.

Various sources make their own assumptions on the basis of their calculations and surveys for the odds of making a hole in one. A look at these figures gives an idea of how difficult or extraordinary this feat is in the golfing world.