Office Handrail Systems

Commercial buildings are designed for public use and this opens many opportunities for the use of these handrail systems. Almost every commercial building likely has bathrooms that are equipped for the handicapped. This application involves the use of handrails for grab bars in the toilet areas.

Handrail systems can be used to limit access to certain areas of the building as well as to border handicapped wheel chair and walking ramps. They are suitable for outside installations and applications as well. They can be painted or left in the standard stainless steel finish.

Office handrail systems can be used to guide traffic flow as well. You will see this application in the maze of handrails located in your local bank lobby. You know the ones I mean…they have the “enter here” sign at one end and the “wait here for next teller” sign at the other end with many turns between. You will see these used in the lobbies of theatres, train stations, bus stations, etc and they are sometimes used in conjunction with turn stiles for entry and traffic control. You might see these indoor handrail in the lobbies of large medical practices for the check in or check out purposes where multiple practitioners are seeing patients. School cafeterias can also incorporate handrail systems into their traffic control program to control the flow of students during the meal times.

Office handrail are designed according to your specifications and are made of heavy gauge stainless steel tubing and brackets with a 32-grit brushed or satin polished finish. The system boasts of a robust plug-together construction that can be combined with wood, glass inlays, stainless steel sheets or stainless steel mesh to create your own do it yourself design. Professional installation is not necessary.

Essentially, indoor handrail are used to provide safe and secure grip in areas of potential hazard. They can be used to guide the flow of people in areas of heavy pedestrian congestion, or to limited access to certain areas of your building, or they can be used to set off a particular focal point in the décor of your home or office. Do you have a need for an office handrail in your place of business?