Oil Painting Techniques – Tips Help You Make Your Oil Painting Better

Oil painting techniques are important. They are necessary for anyone who wishes to make their oil painting a much more interesting piece to look at. Therefore, there is a need to look into the various techniques that can really help to make your oil painting much more interesting and beautiful.

These paintings are done with oil paints rather than water color and charcoal. It can be a difficult medium especially for those who are more used to using charcoal or watercolor for their paintings. There are different techniques that you would wish to take note of during oil painting.


Glazing is a technique you can use wherein the goal is to have the overall look of the painting a kind of luminous and smooth one. This can actually be done by placing in different layers of colors one at a time so as to create a different hue entirely.

You can do glazing by putting in a first layer into the canvas. Do this by using one big stroke to place a certain color into the canvas. Next, you will need to leave the canvas for a few minutes so as to let it dry. After that, you can put in the next color. You do this up until you get to have an absolutely different color.


Imasto is done by putting in color into the canvas by making heavy brush strokes and using heavy amounts of paint. In this technique, you goal would be to make these strokes visible in the canvas even after it has already been discharged up.

Toning Down The Canvas

It is important to tone down your canvas especially when it actually is too bright. Therefore, you will need a toning substance to do so. You can use the general toner that most painters use – the paint thinner. After you do so, it is important that you wipe off the excess thinner before starting off with the actual painting process.


Oil painting techniques are necessary indeed for oil painters to know. These techniques will help them be able to make their paintings much more beautiful and they can also help so as to make the paintings more interesting to look at. After all, it is the goal of every painter to be able to make an artwork that will specifically portray, not only his skill and talent but also, his emotions and thoughts.